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    What running magazines do you guys read/like? Who is their target audience? I have to say I've never been that impressed with Runner's World (though I won't turn down a free issue after a race!)... the articles always seem sort of generic (nonspecific) and not really helpful... thoughts on that? (I hesitate to write that as I bet there are some big RW fans out there Wink). Trent just mentioned Marathon & Beyond in another forum... how do you like that one? (Does this topic go in Gears/Wears? Oh well....) Big grin

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      I subscribe to Ultra Running (actually submitted a photo that made 25th anniversary cover...seen at http://www.ultrarunning.com/ultra/issues/may-2006.shtml) and Trail Runner. The first is a no-frills all black and white product that provides lots and lots of race results and race reports. There is some medical stuff in there and other good items from time to time. The latter provides the trail version of Runner's World, some great destination articles, lots of tips on gear and other good items. I usually read both from cover to cover within a couple of days of their hitting my mailbox! I used to take RW, but my free subscription ran out and I don't think it is worth the $$... Lynn B

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        Nice mag: http://www.marathonandbeyond.com/ It is really geared towards the marathon and ultramarathon runner, full of stories and training information. The publisher is very nice and comes out to some of the marathons, including Pikes Peak.
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          I'm waiting for my RW subscription to run out (too lazy to cancel it). Occasionally, it does have some good articles, but most of the time, the material is recycled from year to year. I love the Boston Marathon, but I don't need it to be covered every year. Maybe it's just a magazine catered to the general running population. I also subscribe to Running Times and New England Runner. Running Times is a step up from RW in terms of the reader's experience level with running. It's a thinner magazine that prides itself in having nice glossy covers. It has much better articles than RW. The down side is you can go through it real quick because it has fewer pages per issue. One of the columns I enjoy reading is the Shoe Guy, where he talks about various aspects of the shoes each month. Very intersting read. As to NE Runner, it's a regional magazine (although I noticed it expanded to cover New York recently). It's a quarterly publication and is geared toward people that run a lot of races as it devotes half of the magazine to reporting race results (mostly overall and age group winners), except for the one that covers the Boston Marathon where it includes all New England runners. It's a cross between a no frills black and white (although on glossy paper) magazine and a really top notched publication. It has a section by Nancy Clark the nutritionist, a sports trainer, and other interesting sections. It has race reports for the races that it covers as well as the most comprehensive race calendar for the region of any magazine. added: links to the magazines

            I'm waiting for my RW subscription to run out... Maybe it's just a magazine catered to the general running population.
            Yeah, I think that's about right. And as such, I guess it does the job. I have to admit that in a sick way I enjoy all the advertising in it, though! I'll have to check some of those out... Lead article for this months issue of The Economist is "Who Killed the Newspaper?" I wonder if specialty magazines like these are also struggling now that there's so much free content on the internet? Interesting changes happening in the media these days...

              Cry What are you guys talking about! I love Runenr's World! It's my favorite magazine. I've never read any others. So which one imparticular do you sugest. Ultra Running? I really like all the inspiration stories in Runner's World and the advice. I also like all the training ideas. Does any other magazines give marathone training regiments? I find out about a lot of cool shoes from runner's world. I would be a lost runner with out it. So you guys say there are magazines better?
                Don't listen to 'em, runninggirl248! If you love RW, then read RW! There's nothing wrong with that!

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