My results at the Airtel New Delhi Marathon, Not bad given how hot it was. (Read 549 times)

Man in Tights

    Bib Number: 535
    Gender: Male
    Category : VETERAN
    Split@7Km: 00:33:14
    Split@10Km: 00:47:27
    Split@10.85Km: 00:51:54
    Split@13Km: 01:02:38
    Split@14Km: 01:07:38
    Split@17Km: 01:22:55
    Net Rank: 346
    Net Category Rank: 19
    Net Gender Rank: 340
    Gross Finish Time: 01:44:34
    Net Finish Time: 01:44:03
    Sean in Kelowna

      That's a half marathon, right?


      And just how hot was it?


      Congratulations, in any case.





      Man in Tights

        THANKS. the first 10 were ok around 25 26 C the return was around 32 C and very humid.