What is the ("Bleep")iest thing you have had happen while running? (Read 394 times)

Feeling the growl again


    Shockede. Might have to get a more serious pepper-spray dispenser.


    Bear spray.  Why screw around?

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      - I was running at the edge of a paved road, when I saw a rattle snake in the grass beside the road, about to cross the road, maybe 2 feet from me. I tried to swerve around it, but it was too late. My foot landed about 6 inches in front of the snake. I was ready to get bitten, but the snake just curled up and did not strike. Lucky day, I guess.


      - When I was running down a mountain road in the middle of nowhere, a pickup truck passed me, then stopped about 200 ft. down the road. The driver got out, the door stood open, and the driver positioned himself next to the door, his arms wide open, as if he was to catch me. I kept running, but then quickly took a turn and passed the truck on the other side (after I had checked through the back windown that there was no-one else in the truck), and ran like hell the short stretch until a trail turned off. I made it into the woods, the driver did not chase after me.

      I think he might have been drunk, but who knows. Freaky.


      - slipped on an icy patch and broke my elbow. Did not realize it (or better, did not want to admit it to my running buddy who was with me) and kept running. Slipped again soon after, fell on the same arm, dislocated same elbow. That hurt.

      Surgery, 4 weeks of not running, and having to resign from my favorite race that year.

      Run for fun.


        A rock flew from under a car and hit me in the face a few weeks ago.

          I got flashed by some girl while on a run. Highlight of my running career.
            I got flashed by some girl while on a run. Highlight of my running career.


            -- I think that would go under the other thread that someone created "What is the Best thing that ever happened to you while running"   Approve


            -- I just remembered an occasion in the past, I don't think  have mentioned it here.   I was running and someone yelled curse words at me .  Thing is, the light they were approaching turned red, and it was a long enough light that I caught up to them.   This was during warmer weather, the passenger side window was still rolled down.   I don't think they saw me coming up, so I ran up to the side window slapped the side of the car to make a noise, and yelled something as loud as I could.  I think it was "Look out!!!"  something not so bad and to that effect.

            ---A girl was driving, apparently it had been a dude friend of hers that did the yelling, but when I got to the side of the car and yelled, she was not expecting it and it scared the bejeeeezus out of her because she let out a shreik!  ......hmm, . (just how do you spell shreik?)


            Well anyway, I really got a kick out of that.  And was hoping as well that I didn't get attacked as I ran away laughing...  Big grin

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              Broke my wrist.


              Broken up with


              "Bleep"ed myself...


              mta, have been called fat several times and had things thrown at me but since no real damage there it doesn't concern me too much.



              Mostly harmless



                Broken up with



                Someone broke up with you while you were running?

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                  We were running together; but yup


                  Someone broke up with you while you were running?




                    I got stung by a bee on my bottom lip when I was 3 miles away from my car.  By the time I ran all the way back my lip was huge!


                    I was running on a trail that followed a river.  A couple had gotten out of a canoe to pee.  One of them was peeing on each side of the trail.  I just ran in between them and laughed.   I didn't seem to bother them at all.

                    Just B.S.

                      In addition to being stalked by dope smoking teenage boys I have over the years.............


                      Been called "fat ass" while running down the Vegas strip. All 5'4", 120 lbs of me, which I guess

                      qualifies as fat in Vegas.


                      Mooned by a teen boy hanging his ass out the window on our town's main street.


                      While running through a local trail with hubby (who was behind because he was locking up the

                      car) came across a teen boy having a piss into the stream, right out in the open. We both pretended

                      we didn't see each other.


                      Out on a run on one Mother's Day with hubby. Huge freaking boxer mix came out of the woods and

                      across the road and jumped at hubby's face with teeth bared. Hubby pushed it off and told me to

                      get in one of the cars that stopped to help us. Drivers going by had seen what happened and stopped

                      to help us.  One of them happened to be the owners ex-wife, she called the dog over and comforted it!!

                      Never once asked  if we were ok,,,,,,,,nothing!!!!!!!!


                      The owner came out of the woods and said "he's a family pet, the kids own him, he's wouldn't hurt anyone"

                      I literally freaking lost it!! I started screaming at him..... "your Fing dog attacked my husband with no provocation.

                      I don't give a shit if it's good with your kids or not, if I ever see that thing on the road again I'm calling the cops" .

                      We have a leash law and a "one strike yer out" attack on people law in our own. The town can destroy at their



                      Hubby was pissed too but a little in shock I think and he knows if I get mad just to let me go so he just stood

                      and watched to see what  would happen!LOL


                      Funny thing was I knew who these people were becuase they were my hair dressers son and ex-DIL. My

                      stylist had the sister to their dog. The sister dog later had to be put down for attacking the postman.


                        The most annoying thing that's happened to me while running was having someone break into my car.

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                          The most annoying thing that's happened to me while running was having someone break into my car.

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                            Fool. I don't need to "break" into runners' cars. They leave their keys sitting on a rear tire so I can have easy access.

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                              I was running past a row of houses that sat above the grade of the road with their yard at about shoulder level (the type that have a retention wall along the sidewalk and stairs leading up to their house).  It was a night run.  With no warning, there was a dog at face level, probably about 1 foot from my head barking at me.  It scared the shit out of me.  My natural reaction it turns out was to bark back...which was very effective and the dog retreated.  As I recovered from my initial shock I heard a lady yelling "sorry" from her front porch.  I told her it was ok, but I was kinda embarrassed from barking at a dog.

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                                have had a number of these happen to me.....though the suckiest and the funniest happened at the same time.  this was back in college and i was running with a group of guys from the team i was on.  we were heading down a road in town with, like, 25 foot bike lanes.  we were hugging the shoulder going against traffic, when a car with a couple of teenagers came rolling toward us.  the dude driving yanked the wheel at the last minute at us.  we all scattered, no one got hit thankfully.  i got super pi$$ed(as most of the guys with me were way younger).  so i chased the car down at the next stop light.  dude is sitting there laughing at what he had just done when i arrived and kicked in his driver side door.  put a pretty big dent in it.  he freaked(daddy's car) and was going to get out and start something, until he realized he would be facing 12 very angry young men.  he put the car in drive and left.  me on the other hand, sprained 3 toes kicking the door and did not run for 2 weeks.


                                been chased by numerous dogs, had beer bottles thrown at me, and the usual staple: run forrest run!