How do you display/show off your medals?? (Read 2908 times)

    I have a few medals from local Half Marathons, but they're just hanging off the doorknob of a closet. Anyone have a better display method? Sara

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      I hide the evidence of my obsession in the back of my closet, where nobody can see it.

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        mine are in a plastic container that used to contain wonton soup on a shelf somewhere unless the kids are playing with them somewhere

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          I put mine on my varsity jacket. Which doesn't fit me (shrunk somehow) and has been stuffed in what used to be my bedroom closet for the last 19 years. Clowning around

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            I hide the evidence of my obsession in the back of my closet, where nobody can see it.
            Did the Kross Kountry Krogerian come with a nice medal?

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              No. That run is inextricably intertwined with the sheer joy of distance running.
                mine are hanging on a hook, here, over my desk. noone ever sees them but me. Big grin
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                  i don't have any Cry
                    I hide the evidence of my obsession in the back of my closet, where nobody can see it.
                    Same here Big grin

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                      Mine are next to my computer monitor, hanging off of the window latch. 2 HMs and a 25k. This year I should be getting another 25k medal, another HM, and my first marathon. Smile

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                        My kids get all of my medals except my MCM finisher medal which hangs on my bookshelf (sentimental reasons).

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                          i don't have any Cry
                          How can you be a two-time marathon runner without any finisher's medals? Some bizarre Hawaiian state regulation? I have three HM and one marathon currently hanging from a curtain rod finial.

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                            Mine are laying in the back of my closet somewhere. I was thinking of doing something with them, and I came across this display: Nothing more than a glorified hat rack, but it's cheap and simple. I was also thinking about making a framed display myself by taking thin hobby boards from home depot, wrapping them with felt, and then stacking them up inside a frame, but that sounds like work.

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                              All mine are in the side table drawer by my bed with the ribbons neatly folded. I don't think my wife would ever let me hang them anywhere. Besides, I'd kinda feel like I was bragging if I did hang them up.


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                                Wow, I am totally new to running, but have completed one 5k and have built quite the shrine to memorialize it. I didn't realize I was supposed to throw the medal in a closet! Big grin Seriously, I took like an 8x11 frame and placed the flyer for the race, my bib number, and a pic of me crossing the line in it and have the medal (3rd age group ) draped over the top of it. It's in my office at work.
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