The new log is here! (Read 7547 times)


The Voice of Reason

    Looks good! Wink

      Great stuff! Thanks for all your hard work. Happy new year!!Smile

      Gringo runner

        Eric, ¡¡Muchas gracias, amigo!! This site has been an invaluable tool for my training as an ultramarathon runner. I don´t know what I´d do w/o it. Thanks big time! David

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          Eric, I hope you have had a chance to get in some running over the last year while building these fantastic updates!Wink Thanks and Happy New Year! steve

            Thank you very much Eric. The new log is great! It makes logging everything much more fun. Happy New Year, Natalia.

              I like the new log, but am unable to find my shoes and mileage on them. When I drop down "Equipment" nothing is there. Also, "workout type" just says "default". What am I doing wrong?
                This is a fabulous running log! Thank you so much!
                  I've started adding reports. Most look reat but the "pace" report charts are not labeled very well. For instance one of the pace charts I made only has 1 value on the Y-axis. So it makes it impossible to interpret. I'm not complaining mind you... just offering constructive criticsm in hopes of making improvement where the system could use it.

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                    Awesome, but why is your name Eric? Confused

                    Princess Cancer Pants

                      Awesome, but why is your name Eric? Confused
                      'Cause e's an 'alf bee. Or perhaps an 'appy cat. Evil grin

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                        Big grin Thanks for the pace option. It is so helpful to my training and health monitoring. Yea!!!!
                          new log seems great, just getting my head around it - i loved the old log so will be happy if its just the same really! one question, when i create a new course the distance is saved and when i view courses it lists the distances, all good. except when i go into 'new run entry' and click on that run, the distance does not come up. for any old runs the distance automatically appears. is this something because of the new log or am i just going crazy? Hank

                          Just running for the fun of it!

                            Thanks a lot from Spain!!!! It is a very good work!!!!Blush

                            The Thunder

                              Love the changes Eric. I'm sorry to say that I had not donated to the site before. But I did today! Booyahhh....keep up the great work, and I hope more people (like me) will donate some funds to your site.

                              Thunder smash!


                                The only thing i have noticed (and forgive me if i'm doing something wrong) is that when i put on courses that i do under new run entry it does not automatically log the mileage as it did previously? Am i doing something wrong?