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    Looking at doing an endurance duathlon (this one is 56 m bike then 13.1 run).  Any good plans out there?  I followed a good one for an Olympic length du, but this is going to be different, obviously.  WIll be running a marathon 6 weeks prior,  so, will be focusing on running, but don't want to leave the bike unitl the end, either.  No interest in speed - I am a slow and steady kind of racer.

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      Perhaps you could use a HIM plan for your cycling training (fitting them in around your marathon training, of course), eliminating the swim workouts...?  I did a sprint du in the Spring just weeks before running a 25k.  I used an advanced spring du plan from Gale Bernhardt's Training Plans for Multisport Athletes (she has many different plans for everything from sprint dus and tris through IM distance and Xterra--for novice through advanced), only I more-or-less doubled the amount of running in the plan to have me better prepared for the 25k.  It worked well.  I ended up with a 5k PR from the first leg of the race and the 3rd leg was my 3rd fastest 5k.

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        I'd love to find a duathlon with those distances. Where is it?


        This spring I did a century followed by a half marathon two weeks later and was very satisfied with how each went. I probably spent an equal amount of TIME on each discipline in the 2-3 months leading in. By biking and running standards I wasn't doing enough work for either event but, in the end, it worked out great and I strongly negative split each. So, it's du able and it's surprising how much each discipline can complement the other.


        Last fall I raced a sprint du at 100% a week before my marathon (Good idea? I don't know. Probably not.) while the marathon was my focus event. For this I probably did 2/3rds running to 1/3rd riding, again in terms of TIME. It all worked out fine.


        I don't know your strengths running vs. cycling. For me, I'm better and more natural on the bike than running so I can strategically neglect it a bit more and still have a better ride than most runners. If your not primarily a cyclist you may want to get used to time in the saddle because, if your slower, 56 miles could be at least 4 hours. I'm no authority on this by any means but, if I were doing what you are planning, I'd add in at least two, preferably, three easy rides a week, perhaps on your recovery days. When the marathon is over this will allow you to ramp up more quickly on the cycling. After the marathon I'd spend those six weeks working on each event almost equally in terms of time and listen to your body. If your feeling beat up from running go for a ride. If your fresh go for a run.


        Hope something here helps.


          It is part of the Pacific Crest series held in Sunriver, OR the last full weekend in June. They have a ton of events over three days, including kids events. I did the half marathon there last year, and hubby did the Olympic length du. The endurance is on a different day, so we can both do events and not have to worry about who will watch the kids! Thanks for the suggestions. I am not a natural runner, but biking comes pretty easy, so I will fit the biking in around the running up until the marathon - then hit the biking harder.

            a friend of mine just completed this Gran Fondo 120 km (74 mile) bike event today from Vancouver, BC to Whistler, BC. The site provides two 18-week training schedules...maybe they would be of help to you?



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                That's half iron distance, so maybe you could look at a half-iron training plan, and substitute (runnnig or cycling) for the swimming.

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                  horray another person thats from bc!


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