Gluteaus Medius Tendon Tear (Read 48 times)

Rod Staples

    I have had 4 hip surgeries in the last 2 years, and possibly a fifth Dr has reattached the tendon 4 times now and its tore again.  I have babied this thing and done therapy and its tore again any ideas?

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      Sorry to hear about your troubles and health impact. But try, try again, then quit...no use being a darn fool about it. Do something different.

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        I don't know if mine was torn, I sure didn't get any surgery. But, there's still a lump there 6 years later. It took a few months to "run normally" after it snapped during a mile time trial. It would flare up every so often when I did anything fast, for a couple years. Hasn't bothered me recently.


        Yes, if you keep tearing it, time to try something else. Mine was aggravated by fast paces, so maybe you need to slow it down, become an ultramarathoner or something. Or, it might be your body saying "I don't want to run anymore", in which case you become a cyclist.

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          See a different doctor (serious answer)

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