Facebook App (Read 349 times)

    No matter what I do on RunningAhead or on Facebook, I cannot get the two to work together to post anything.  I give it all my permissions to Publish.  I push the Save.  Then I get NOTHING.  It is not working for me.  HELP.


      I have the same problem.... been trying for quite a while.  Gonna search the boards again to try and find some more options. If I find something, I'll post it here.

        I've been seeing sporadic rejections from Facebook when RA tries to post the workouts to the users' walls.  I haven't touched the FB posting code in ages and since it was working until recently, I can only guess that FB has once again changed something.  I've been trying to find the problem but haven't had any luck.  If anyone wants to help me, it would be appreciated.  It will probably require lots of emails/private messaging, and possibly disabling of your usage of the app temporarily.  Please let me know.