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    Hi Eric, I’ve tried twice this week to order but each time all I get is “Runningahead cant deliver to this address” Have you had other orders from Australia? Cheers Onestep

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      I just finished my 10-mile run, stopped at the mailbox, and to my pleasant surprize, was my Tanktop Big grin. I can't wait to run on Tuesday to wear my shirt! Thanks again Eric! Please let us know when more colors are to come....I want one in every color Shy.
        I love mine- wore it for a long run today and no chaffing Smile For size comparision, I normally wear a medium and got a large and it's perfect. Thank you Eric.

          Hi Eric, I tried ordering from Alaska and was not able to pay online. Bummer. Sad


            Isis, What sort of problem did you encounter? I received a couple of orders from AK last week so I don't know what's going on with Google. eric Smile

              Just got my blue technical T-shirt. It's sweet. The T-shirt is fully up to sporting specs, and I'd gladly wear it on a 26+ mile run. Furthermore, the RunningAhead logo is clear, and discreetly placed. It's not garishly large or overly attention-getting, but legible enough to distinguish that it reads RunningAhead. Great job (again), and well worth the money spent.

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                Just wore mine for the first time today. I think it's my new favorite shirt... NICE! I'll have to get the other blue...

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                  Isis - try again - I went through the checkout with out a hitch and got my tank today - it's awesome Smile (anchorage - you?)

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                    Received both of my shirts today! They look awesome!!! Cannot wait to wear them this week to run in. Thank you so much Eric for doing this!!

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                      Got mine! awesome I cannot wait unitl I use it! Thanks Eric! G
                        Based in London, UK. Just ordered mine. Training for my first marathon, Paris in April. Will be wearing it through training and for the marathon itself. Thanks again Eric for the great site and the t-shirts. Jason

                          Eric Trying to buy a running top and I can't Sad , an "unknown error occurs" when I try to add an item to shopping cart. Help! Cheers Mark
                            Yay! Shirt arrived in Wolverhampton England yesterday. Seems very good quality and is a decent fit. Many thanks Eric.
                              I should of asked for an Eric autograph on mine! oh well, next time!


                                Eric Trying to buy a running top and I can't Sad , an "unknown error occurs" when I try to add an item to shopping cart. Help! Cheers Mark
                                Mark, Even though you've already placed your order, I just want to let you know that (I think) I found and fixed the problem with the cart so it shouldn't crop up again. Since this week is Thanksgiving here in the US, I probably will not be able to mail any international orders until next weekend. I apologize ahead of time for any inconveniences. eric Smile