Benign Muscle Fasciculation (Read 87 times)


    I have constant muscle twitching in my calves. It looks like little bursts of fireworks along the achilles up to the calf muscle. Both legs. It's been determined to be benign muscle fasciculations which are just caused by stress, training, etc.  Anyone else have them, and if so what's your experience with how they affect your performance?


      I get those exactly as you describe but I've only ever observed them after racing a marathon.   I run a fair amount of miles and don't experience them even after an 18 mile long run.  I think it takes the extended very hard effort put out over a distance you are not really trained to run on a daily basis (26.2 miles in my case).   I've run 30+ marathons over 30+ years and have always had that afterwards.  Benign is the right word even though it looks like something is trying to crawl out of my calves!  Goes away by the next day.

      If yours are doing that after every run, maybe slow down, shorten up your runs and build up your fitness?


      PS - learned something!  Didn't know it was called "Fasciculation".


      not bad for mile 25

        I've been somewhat fascinated staring at my calves, watching their random tiny twitches that I can't feel.  I don't know if that qualifies as BMF. Are you talking about something more noticeable?


          I have those, and to be honest, I don't feel like it affects me. But I still have to go get it checked, just in case.

          Still kicking

            It's kind of cool. I get it after hard races, and always have, for many many years. Doesn't effect anything.

            I'm also on Athlinks and Strava


              I was never really worried about it. It looks really cool to be honest.