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    hi all..i am new here..i am 15 years old and 1.80 and 66 kg..i workout months with bw exercises..i also started sprint to work legs but i have three problems...


    1.when i sprint i feel only one leg work the right although is bigger than left..also next day i have more pump in this legs...

    2.does the position of each leg play role in beggining of sprint?for example does the leg is in line or the leg is back of other leg puts more pwoer to begin?

    3.can i do the previous day and the day following cardio or better not?

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      You're naturally stronger on one side of your body than the other. Relax, its natural.


      The question of biology is which leg determines your top pace or speed. And while many hope its your strongest, its actually your weaker leg which determines your natural running speed.


      Leg position is the same story, is your start coming off you stronger or weaker leg? That choice for you has a big impact to how quick you get going


      The question to follow up workout is going to be based on intensity and if you're sore the next day.


      What are you applying sprint conditioning towards?

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