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    I just signed up for my first trail race: a 9.4 mile run throught the Groton Town Forest. I've never run one before & this will be my second race since resuming running in April. My daughter & I were hiking around the forest last week & it looks like some fairly challenging terrain. This should be interesting.

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      Ooh, that sounds really cool! I was considering a 10k trail run near us in mid-Nov....but then I looked at the times of past runners. The race is described as very challenging and the times posted by past runners were VERY fast--way faster than my 5k pace on pavement. I think it tend to attract a small field of very experienced and quick runners. So that will be one I might consider after my pace has increased quite a bit. k

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        Hi, Pete! My first and only (so far!) "trail" race turned out to be held on a wide, smooth, packed dirt surface that was almost as flat and as smooth as could be. It looked like someone just dropped a bulldozer blade down and drove. Lesson learned: you might want to see if you can find out *exactly* what the trail you'll be racing on is like before passing judgement on it! I'm thinking that perhaps "challenging" for runners and "challenging" for hikers means different things. Check at the park headquarters if they don't have a map on your race's website. Good luck, have fun, and don't forget to spend time running on trails similar to what you'll be racing on! That way there won't be any nasty surprises... Janell

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          Actually, I've been eyeballing this race for awhile. I've been looking for a follow-up race for my half mary a couple of weeks ago. The forest is only a fifteen minute drive from home. My daughter & I hiked a 6 mile trail through the forest last week so I'm somewhat familiar with the terrain. I think I'm going to go for a test run this Tuesday to try a figure out how to handle roots & rocks & downhills covered with dead leave/pine needles. There's a 3.4 mile race being run the same day but, the entry fee was the same for both distances so, I figured what the hell.

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            I love love LOVE trail races! The challenge is totally different, and they tend to be much less....official. One local company around here organizes several trail races throughout the year, up to a 50K. They are always fun, and usually involve adult beverages (which I also thoroughly enjoy). In fact, there's one in about 2 weeks I'm contemplating doing.