Is it illegal to run on the road if there is a sidewalk? (Read 1709 times)

    Seeing as how we're supposed to sue someone at every possible opportunity - it's in the constitution right? I wonder if a municipality that requires pedestrians to use sidewalks when "accessible" is liable for injuries to runners using those ill-maintained sidewalks when they trip over broken concrete and get reversed over by the cell-phone talking, make-up applying driver exiting their driveway? Anyone?
      What about a snot rocket??
      Snot rockets are always permissible and usually encouraged. As long as they acheive minimal distance of three feet from the snot rocket launch vehicle (SRLA)(a technical term, referring to the snot-shooting runner) and a minimal escape velocity of 14 meters per second. Anything less is lame. And usually ends with snot dribbling down the SRLA's chin. And really, no one wants to see that. Unless its on video and posted to You Tube.
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        I also live in North TX, and I run in the road. The sidewalks are uneven and slanted so bad it hurts to run on them. Cars are parked in the driveways across the side walks, so it is up and down and around those cars if I do run on the sidewalk. Cars will turn in front of me and cut me off turning into thier driveways, if I run on the sidewalk. Cars will back over me when I run on the sidewalk, if I am in the street they mostly stop to see if a car is comming at least. I wave at the police as they cruise the neighborhood while running in the street, so far no problems.
        I had a lot of time to ponder this question on my long run yesterday. I had to run in the street for much of time because the sidewalks here (I love in the southern suburbs of Boston) are very poorly shoveled. After I almost killed myself on the first patch of ice, I moved out onto the shoulder. I was wearing a *very* red windbreaker with reflectors, and I ran against traffic so I think I was safer on the shoulder than daring to run on the ice. I had no less than three police cars pass me during my run, and none of them seemed to have a problem thankfully!
          We have a saying over here - "if in doubt ask a policeman"
          I have a different belief - if you dont want to hear "no," dont ask. You know have no reason to think it is illegal to run on the street. If you ask, you may learn differently. (Note - this only applies to certain instances. For example, running in the street. Or drinking soda in a library, not times when you know something is wrong. And I am sure someone will now twist my comment and remind me that "no" means "no" and not asking also means "no"...) Oh, and Sairez - please be careful! Just because it is "legal" and you are visible doesnt mean the cars wont skid on ice right around you! It sounds like you were, but just a reminder that slippery, icy roads can lead to bad things happening!
            This is actually pretty interesting. It would seem that in Riverside, CA, it would be illegal for me to run on the road. I did a Google search and didn't find anything specific for my area, but it seems that there are quite a lot of other places where it is also illegal to walk (and I assume run also) on the roadway if there is a sidewalk available. From what I found, it seems to be a city-level law and not a state-level law as I assumed in my original post.
            Ok, I've RUN in Riverside, and this has never been an issue. Now that I know about the bylaw, will that change things? Don't think so! Only consequence I can think of is if there's an accident and I could be at fault for being in the road when a sidewalk was availabe. But COME ON!!!! California is so car-oriented it's sick. Can we TRY to acknowledge people have legs, not wheels?????
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              Oh, and Sairez - please be careful! Just because it is "legal" and you are visible doesnt mean the cars wont skid on ice right around you! It sounds like you were, but just a reminder that slippery, icy roads can lead to bad things happening!
              Thanks for the warning Wink The road didn't have any ice though. That's why I was running on it. The ice on the sidewalks is from people not shoveling and then it taking forever to melt. Don't worry. I wouldn't be running outside if the roads were icy too! Smile

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                For the record, it's most likely also "illegal" in your jurisdiction to spit on the sidewalk. So watch that spitting next time you're running. Wink
                Funny thing, during the Mumbai Marathon in January they had HUGE signs every mile or so along the route: NO SPITTING. I remember wondering, does that apply to snotrockets?

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                  In switzerland you might be told off. Some friends had been running on the bicycle lane, which was drawn in on the road and a police car slowed down next to them and told them to get on the pavement as the road is for cars and bicycles only. Actually it makes sense. The poor cyclist that has to overtake a slow jogger might be in danger of getting hit by a car if he tries such a maneuver.