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Imminent Catastrophe

    The UHC Newport Marathon/Half Marathon starts on a 4-lane but soon funnels into a 2-lane. This is an issue as it causes crowding, but I can deal with that. Here's the problem: some idiot decided that he would ride his bike behind his girlfriend giving her encouragement. This went on for miles, and every time we hit a bottleneck there was Boyfriend getting in the way. Sometimes there were obstacles in the course and Boyfriend would veer into the pack to avoid them, causing the rest of us to have to maneuver to avoid him. In the first half of that race, that was a problem. We are running a race, keep the hell out of our way.


    Tell your boyfriend/girlfriend to stay at home, or cheer from the sidelines. They should not ride behind you on a a bicycle on a crowded course.

    At this same race, on the back half (miles 13-26), there were people on bikes riding along with runners, and I have no problem with that, as there was plenty of room on the road. Just not during the crowded start of a big race. Thank you.

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      Did I accidentally discard that stick impeding the course into your spokes?  Sorry about that.

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        I'm surprised he didn't get an Asics shampoo.


          Same thing happened to me during a marathon last March.  The course was on a greenway, which was technically open (only about 120 in the race), but one husband on a bike was going out ahead, then back to his wife, then out ahead, then back, then stopping to fix snacks and mix drinks I guess.  He was a pain until I worked waaaay ahead of them.  At one point, there was a narrow, steep climb on a blind curve.  Runners were headed up and bam, there was hubby on a bike coming downhill towards us, barely in control of his bike, trying to avoid hitting us and wrecking at the same time.  Pretty annoying.


          Same race starts on a road/parking lot then funnels onto the greenway path during the first mile.  One girl had two friends jump in with her, running 3 wide at exactly the point where about 80 runners were funnelling onto the path.  They were all saying hello and adjusting headphones while the people in the race were swerving off course to get past. 


          I'm sure these were all pretty nice people, but it's interesting to see how clueless people can be...............

            I have a theory these people aren't clueless at all. They know exactly what they're doing and don't care, and will continue to do so until someone stops them. My theory is based on my experience with the endless parade of irreverent , egocentric, me-me-me, screw-you, do-what-I-want-even-if-it-inconveniences-everyone, and bull-in-my-box-of-Christmas-Ornaments dickheads, a-holes, and markfoliogargars (local vernacular) that parade through my conscious awareness.


            Do no let them off the hook. In fact, use many hooks and raise them to the ceiling like the man called Horse.


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