Garmin Forerunner 410 Won't Connect (Read 1275 times)


    I just bought a Garmin Forerunner 410 and am having trouble connecting the device to upload my runs. With my old Forerunner 205, I just connected it and everything worked. Anyone have any ideas on what might be wrong or how to fix it? I can't find any information on the disk that was included. 


    When I plug in the watch, it just says "charging." 

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      First things first, make sure you have all the Garmin software pieces -- Garmin Communicator and Garmin ANT agent -- loaded and running on your PC/Mac.  Check out this Garmin web page.


      Once the Garmin stuff is working, then RA should upload.

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        Thanks for the reply and the info. So, does the ANT stick need to be plugged into my computer in order for the data to be uploaded? (As opposed to just connecting the watch directly to the computer?) With the old Forerunner 205, I just had to connect the watch to my computer and when I tried that with the 410, all it did was charge the watch. 



          I went from a 205 to a 410 and yes plug only the ANT stick into the computer. If it doesn't find your 410 you will need to pair them together. Refer to pages 12 & 13 of the owner's manual.

            Thank you for the info. I did pair the watch with the ANT stick and computer, so everything works now.