First race since skiing injury (Read 783 times)

    I tore a ligament in my knee whilst skiing in Livigno back in March which then resulted in me having my knee imobilised for nearly 5 weeks and so having to hop about the place on crutches. Becasue of that I then missed a 10k race that I had already entered for a couple of weeks afterwards, but whilst I was still on the crutches I was then challenged to a 5 mile race last weekend by several colleagues in work, who I think were hoping it would be a good opportunity to beat me. Several weeks of VERY painfull physio, then trying to run on my leg again too soon and then not being sure if my leg had yet recovered muscle to do the distance I went for it in the race anyway. I only just managed to beat all the guys who had challenged me but I got through the distance without any pain in my knee, although it was then complaining a bit getting up and down the stairs yesterday all again seems OK now. Delighted that I'm now back pretty much fully functional again, but I am going to have to hold off for another year I think before I try a full marathon again which I had hoped to be doing this year. I was actually ski blades with non-release bindings at the time I did myself the mischief, but I'm going to get some release bindings for them ready for next winter. Also I'll hopefully not injure myself on the first day of the holiday next time, or at all would be even better probably.
      Impressive return - congrats Smile

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