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    I was just wondering if any of you guys use nrg drinks? I havent done before though I have just picked up ISO ENERGY drink, which contains 30.8 g per serving of carb sugars. I will be drinking half before and half after my run, as recommended on the label.IS this ok, and was I right to buy it, will it improve my energy levels? Will it put weight on me, and should I include this in my RDA calorie intake etc? Also bought glucosamine sulphate for the joints. Anyone else take anyhing and if so what? Any advice welcome.

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        I think energy drinks are a gimmick. Ok, not completely, but I suspect the ingredient that gives you the boost is a large dose of caffeine. I haven't checked their ingredients lately, but if I remember correctly, each serving is equivalent to several cups of coffee. Caffeine has been shown to improve your performance. I used to drink that stuff thinking they'll help. I stopped drinking them because training more effectively made a bigger difference than any magic race day food (except for GU). The jury on glucosamine is still out. Many people swear by it, but the current research (that I know of) did not conclude one way or another that it's effective. However, I'm taking it under the principle of it's better than not taking it. I'm considering stopping altogether and see if anything changes in my knees.