Non members viewing training log (Read 476 times)


    Cracking site, the hand written charts on the fridge are now long gone ! I'm raising some sponsorship for a couple of half marathons that I'm completing in October and on my fundraising page I'd like to show the efforts I'm putting in by including a link to my training log. Is there anyway people could see my results without me have to make them public and giving them my log in details or forcing them to create temporary log in details ? Cheers Justin
      Justin, The only way for non-users to view your log is if you make it publicly viewable. Could you elaborate on that part about "giving them your log in details"? Do you want to restrict them to only certain parts of the log? It doesn't have that capability, but if it's something that is useful to other users, I might consider adding it. eric Smile

        Morning If I make my log publicly viewable, would I be able to give someone a link directly to view my information, without them having to become a user ? Obviously I wouldn't want to give them my log in name or password for fear of anyone deleting the info on my profile, but it would be good for me to show them the info and the training that I've been doing. Cheers for the help. Justin
          Hi Justin, Once you make your log publicly viewable, then anyone will be able to view it. It looks like you've already did that because the "view log" link appears under your name here in this thread. You can try it out yourself by logging out and see how it behaves by clicking on the "view log" link. eric Smile

            Top quality, thanks very much. Keep up the good work. ATB