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    I went out for a short recovery run tonight and for the first time in 3 years, ran 5k in 29:35! Big grin Woo hoo! The coolest thing was that I have a Nike+ ipod setup and Paula Radcliffe came on to give me congratulations on my new Personal Best! Gotta love Nike... Smile I've been running seriously since January with lots of extra miles and some very long runs. Thanks to everyone who answered the question that is posed so many times on these boards...."How can I run faster?" Cool Ruth

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      Congrats on this milestone -- Big grin -- Breaking 30 is a nice step - you should be proud ----- but now I suppose its on to breaking 29 mins now.... Great Job....

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        Good on ya! Congrats on the milestone.
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          Congratulations Ruth breaking 30 on a "Recovery" run. You're alot faster than you know Wink

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            That's fantastic! I just ran my 4th 5k this sunday and have shaved a few seconds off too. I came in at 30.20 Any tips on how you increased your speed? I still feel soooo slow. Confused
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              Get yourself to a race. You have a PR at least two PR's that need slaughtering. Your training looks outstanding, by the way.
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                  Jake's right, your log looks great. Good luck at Saturday night's race!

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