Ceasar Rodney 17 Mar 2013 HM in Wilmington, DE (Read 194 times)


    Has anyone here run this HM? I'm toying with running this as my first. Is it flat, hilly? Well organized? Start on time? Good food at the end?


    Squidward Bike Rider

      This was my 3rd HM back in 2009, and it's my lifetime PR.  Yes, it's hilly...from about miles 6 to 9, and then back down those same hills for miles 10-12.  And you do have a hill to climb right before the finish for that last 0.1.  I thought it was well-organized, and it started on time, although they didn't have enough port-o-potties, IMHO.  Don't remember much about the food, but I think there may have been pizza involved.


      Jess runs for bacon

        Just come to the Shamrock in VA Beach Smile It's only a wee bit further from Wilmington.


        But since Daisy said there is pizza, I may have to put this on my hit list for next year...



          Daisy describes it pretty well. I did it this past march. Good race if you can handle the hills. Pretty well organized and I their 2013 will be their 50th year.