Time zone problem? (Read 205 times)

Cat Herder

    I seem to be having a time zone problem with RA. I'm using Chrome (release channel, version 23) in Win 7 x64. I have RA bookmarked on my summary page, and it seems that when I open the page the first time in a day, it would show yesterday's date, but refreshing the page would make it show the correct date.


    Closing and opening the page repeatedly would show the correct date, but if I close and re-open after a while, then the problem surfaces again. I've yet to test other browsers, as the problem doesn't happen during the day time, only early mornings... (my tz is +7.)


    Any thoughts?

      The timezone is determined when you load the first page.  However, since the page is already loaded, the times on the page can't be changed.  When you load the next page, the times are adjusted.  To have the times on the first page be correct as well, the offset is stored in the cookie.  That is how it would work.  If you have cookies disabled, or removed after you close the browser, then the first page would not have the correct time.

      Cat Herder

        Thanks for the response Eric, but I don't quite understand your response. Joking


        I open my browser and open my summary page, and it shows the wrong date, doesn't opening the page count as loading? I tested Firefox this morning and had the same problem. It loaded my summary page, but showed yesterday's date. I had to press F5 to make it show today's date.


        My cookies are not disabled or deleted.

          I am unable to reproduce this problem.  I even set my tz to +7.  Could you try logging out of your account and logging back in?  Maybe the cookie wasn't saved correctly?

          Cat Herder

            I already tried logging out and logging in.


            I'm guessing it's cached somehow, because I just tried opening Firefox (which I normally never use) and it opened previously opened tabs, which was my summary page from when I was testing last Saturday with the password saved. The page came up and it showed Saturday. I pressed F5 and it became Sunday, and I pressed F5 again and it became Monday. (Monday is correct.)


            However, that doesn't explain why closing RA and re-opening after a while still shows the previous date, but re-opening immediately would show the correct date. I first noticed the problem on a Sunday morning when it didn't show Sunday on the calendar widget. (I have Sunday set as first day of week.) I also don't know if it's a new issue or if it has always been this way, because I've just started to use RA.


            I guess I'll keep pressing F5. Cool

            Cat Herder

              Hmm, it's probably not a time zone problem after all. It's Monday almost noon and I just opened my summary page, and it tells me it's Sunday. I'll try to determine when it changes over to a new day, because I normally only look at RA during the mornings and evenings, almost never during the day.

                I have managed to reproduce the problem.  The date isn't updated but the rest of the page was.  Since this happens once a day, it may take several days for me to get to the bottom of it.


                MTA: I also saw the weird thing you noted, where the first time I open the page, it said "Sunday, Jan 14".  I didn't think much of it because it is only one day behind relative to my real time zone.  After clicking refresh, it changed to Monday (today).  I clicked refresh again out of curiosity and it changed to Tuesday, then I realized it's already Tuesday in UTC+7.  I have no idea why or how it did that.

                Cat Herder

                  Thanks, I'm glad I'm not imagining things. Big grin

                    I've found and fixed the problem.  It will be available in the next update, which should be in several days.