Duplicate equipment entries with custom format log import? (Read 81 times)


    I'm doing a custom import into the log from my old Excel log files. Using the "CustomRAFormat.csv" template file, pasting my data in and uploading.


    It's working really well except for one thing: it's duplicating equipment items every time I add another data set. I've imported 7 months of entries for 2012, and each shoe is listed 7 times, instead of just once.


    If you look at my log, you'll see the "adidas Super Nova Glide 3 (C)" shoe is listed 8 times, once for each month + the original entry I set up by hand.


    I figured out how to merge the entries one at a time, but that's going to be more than I want to do for a lot of log records. So, the questions:


    1. Is there a faster way to merge the duplicate records after they're in the log?


    2. Is there something I can do at the Excel template stage so the duplication doesn't happen?


    Thanks for any help you can give. Appreciate what you've done with this log. It's the first online tool I've seen that is worth the time it takes to add all my old logs.





      Hi Sam, The importer assumes everything in the data is new, that the workouts do not refer to existing equipment in your log. The only way to work around it is to import everything at once. If you haven't created any new workouts, I can wipe your account of data so you can reimport everything at once. eric Smile

        That would be OK.  It's no big deal to re-upload now that I have the Excel files.  Thanks for the reply!