First 300 mile month (Read 894 times)

Right on Hereford...

    May: 300.2 Mi - 34:29:56

    I would like to thank RunningAhead and the Swamp for the advice and tools that helped me attain this goal.


    Awesome. That's my plan, too, starting in July and leading up to the Chicago Marathon this fall. I most likely will NOT have any sub-16 5k results to show for it, though.

       I just looked at your races. How do you run a marathon 36sec per mile slower than your 5K PR? I would love to be able to pull that off and run a 2:30 marathon.


      My response to that is (assuming you didn't sandbag or explode during your current marathon PR race) - How do YOU run a 5K 1:53/mile faster than your marathon pace?  I'd love to be able to do that and run a 14:59 5K (I dont know if I did that math correctly but ... dayummm it's FAST!).    I guess we're all different, eh?  I strongly suspect your marathon PR will be destroyed the next time you do one.  Again, very nice work there. 

      Running nut

        Wow, great job. I wish I had the ambition/planning/time to run that much. I'm only 1000 miles behind you for the year so far.

        12 Monkeys

          May: 349.6 Mi


          Fixed that for you. Sweet work!! Seems that May was a good month for big miles!! Big grin

          Arrogant Bastard....Ale

            Trent, great month!  Now taper already fool