Charleston Half Marathon Race Report (Read 89 times)


    The Charleston Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K took place today, Jan 19. I ran the Half.


    There were a little over 3,000 runners, which made it nice and small. Bib pick up was the day before, but you could pick it up the day of the race as well. They even had race registration just before the race. Typically, I don't see such late registration.


    The expo was small and had a few things for sale (shoes, shirts, gloves, upcoming races in the area, etc.) Nothing out of the ordinary. The expo was at a High School gym, which was new to me. The fund raiser was to support the arts in the Charleston school district.


    The course for the half, to be honest, was OK. Maybe I was too concentrated on racing to care about what surrounded me. It was 99% flat, with two very short uphills with subsequent downhills. Temperature at the start was in the low 40s and when I finished, in the high 40s. Great running weather. It wasn't clear that we were going to have such nice weather, since it had been much warmer for the last week or so.


    There were a few spectators, a couple of bands, a group of about 5 children playing the violin (I thought that was cool). The volunteers were all very nice and had screaming yellow vests to identify them.


    They also had pacers who wore the bright orange shirts. Another plus for the race preparation and execution.


    At the end of the race, you could use tickets you got with your bib to get a small bowl of "Shrimp and Grits". I actually liked it. I hadn't had grits before, despite having watched "My cousing Vinny" a while back. You also get two beer tickets. I got only one. It was about all I could stomach. Post-race, they also had bananas, oranges, water, and other types of drinks I didn't try. There were other sweet pastries available as well.


    Personally, I recommend this race for next year (I'll probably run it as well). But if you care about the rock n roll-type races, then this one may not be for you.


    For my race, I was trying to pace myself to get to 1:50:00. I ended up at 1:50:20. I was plenty satisfied with that. My previous PR was just under 1:52.

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      Congratulations, Zonykel!

      Sounds like you had a good race and a good time.

      I live love shrimp and grits.



      Just run.


        Great 1/2.

          Congrats in the new PR! Sounds like a nice race setting.


            Solid race.  Congrats!

             201x goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...


              Hey good race! I did the half last year, but it was so boring that this year I ran the 5K! Did you know you were supposed to get 2 beers for each beer ticket?? Big grin Guess it's too late now, but I was making sure everyone knew that on race day...LOL. Hate for anyone to go without their proper allotted beer amount!


              It was freaking COLD! I can't imagine waiting around to do the half or the full. I sat in my car until right up to the 5K start. HA. The boiled peanuts were AWESOME! One of my fave foods, so the fact that that is one of the post-race foods sells me on doing the race every year. Those shrimp and Grits were a pathetic excuse for the food, if you like THOSE you gotta get REAL ones!! I have never seen so many bottled drink options in my life. Those vitamin water things were very complicated, so I stuck to just water.


              ALSO I don't know if the awards were the same for the full and half as the 5K, because I didn't stick around for them, BUT I got first in my AG and the pint glass was cool but the artwork was really crappy. The engraved label is upside down!! HA! I mean, it's cool whatever, but they need to get that stuff sorted out before next year. The medals were awesome though, love the battery scene. I am glad to see a local marathon doing so well, I hope they continue to have success.


              Great race, definitely recommend it to anyone wanting an excuse to travel to Charleston Smile

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                Congrats zonykel on a nice PR and vegefrog on having nice neighbors. This event wasn't perfect but it sure was run by nice folks who are obviously trying very hard to make a nice event. I liked the cause (arts for kids) and the fact that there were musical groups featuring kids along the course. The (jr. high or hisg school) steel drum band was a treat and we got to run by them twice, although they should have been placed along a part of the course shared with the HM runners. It's a little bit lonely if you're running the full but lots of runners were cheering each other on, and spectators didn't just silently wait for "their" runner, they supported all the runners. So yeah, overall nice town! Nice people! Great food! Too bad I ate about a zillion calories worth of shrimp'n'grits and other local delicacies. Tight lips

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