My Last Record at 50 (Read 1742 times)

    Thanksgiving Day I ran 8K and broke the state record with 31:00. My birthday was the next week so I did it in the nick of time. I also (finally) graduated from nursing school yesterday. That has made this fall a difficult time to train. Next year I hope to join the sub three hour marathon group (among other things). I am hoping that training and racing and nursing will all mesh together nicely. I am now waiting for my Mini Cooper to arrive from the factory ...
      Congratulations on the accomplishments you have achieved this year Amy. I wish you well in finding a great job. You deserve it!!! Looking forward to your marathon attempt also.


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        Whoa, all that AND a Mini?! NICE! Santa must think you've been a very good girl. Smile

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          All I can tell you is that I"M IMPRESSED -- Good Job..... Shocked Shocked Big grin Big grin

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            Congrats, Amy! I just graduated from nursing school too, so I know how BIG of an achievement that is. Whooo hooo! Yay! Good for you! You're an amazing woman. Big grin

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              Hi Amy


              I am a runner and athlete who is 53 years old and yesterday I was in formed by a hip specialist that I will need to have my left hip replaced!


              Once its done he recommends that I do 'no' impact sports like running after my surgery!


              Did your doctor tell you the same?


              Did you ignore his advice?


              Do you think you will have the whole thing done again? And do you think your running now is fast forwarding that?


              Do you tell your doctor now that you run?


              If so what is his reaction?


              I want to return to running, any advice you can give to help me make it happen


                I may be wrong, but I don't think Amy has posted on here in more than 4 years.

                  Amy, that is awesome!  You're an inspiration to me and to many others, I'm sure!

                  Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                    Wow and quadruple wow!!! Living life to the max!

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                      Funny thing is that now, if she posted today, it could be an attempt to break a record in an age group that is 5 years older than when she originally posted this in 2008....


                      Wow, but WTH 'Athlete'.  Not, "What the Heck", but "Who the Heck" are you? and "Why the Heck" did you post the response 4+ years after OP....


                      MTA: Ok, I see in Amy's "About Me" portion the stuff that links "athlete's" question to the OP, but still questioning the timing.

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                        Article about Amy that may answer some of your questions.

                          Article about Amy that may answer some of your questions.


                          THANKS for posting this Tanya!! Gives me hope

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