Chaffing wound remedies (Read 787 times)

    Hey everyone,

    This is not a question of chaffing prevention, it's more an appeal for information on how to treat chaffing wounds once they appear. 


    This is a first for me, and it is bloody annoying. I've had the usual scratch-like/ red sore spot on my sternum from my running-bra elastic band, but I deal with those by just applying a band-aid over the spot. Then, last  Sunday I ended up with missing skin and bloody spots on the inner parts of my thighs during a long run. Apparently my shorts have a stitch that becomes annoying only after 15 or so km (or they have a will of their own and decided they'd like to become red).  

    The end effect is that I'm currently performing the "wide leg shuffle" instead of a normal walk (it looks quite ridiculous), I have a new found appreciation for skirts, and I'm becoming worried about loosing too much training. My main event this spring is at the begining of next month so I was planning to be back running tomorrow.


    How do you deal with this type of injury? I'm currently just disinfecting the place and covering it with gauze, but it is uncomfortable and I do not think I can run like this, well - not without damaging it further.


    Finally, this post is just asking for jokes, but I'd appreciate some decent advice as well.



      I have used Dr. Burt's Res-q ointment and it has worked well.  It took a few days for the rawness to go away but at least it didn't sting as much.  I think if you apply Glide and wear clothing that tightly covers the area that should be able to run.  Good luck!


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        Spray on Lanacane to get through your day (benzocaine pain relief spray). Stings like a mofo when you spray it on raw chafe but in about 5 minutes it will numb it so you dont look like a dork at work.  Let it air out as much as possible when it is decent to do so.


        For running  - extra thick layer of chafe prevention stuff of choice and clothes that you know dont irritate the area.  Covering isnt a bad idea.  Depending on where the irritation is, compression or other non moving shorts may help as they stay put better as long as there isnt a seam

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          in the event I forget to use BodyGlide pre-run, I'm not afraid to use it post-run.

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            Triple-Gold Bond body powder works for minor to moderate cases.  Slight cooling effect.  Keeps the area dry under normal (non-running) conditions.  Eliminates friction during its working time.


            New Skin for small areas: like bra-strap.  Basically it's Superglue + Iodine.  Works okay on roughed up nipples.


            Body-glide for prevention on all areas while running.

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              There is a powder called Anti Monkey Butt....really, that I'd what it is called. Google it and you can order from the website. My son was introduced to it at camp and you will see testimonials on the website from so users stationed in the Mideast. If I don't Glidecarefily enough, I put this stuff on after my shower and the problem is solved. Best. Product. Ever.

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                Body Glide...meh.  In the future get your hands on some SportShield.  It's a silicone-based (think high-end sexy time lube, heh) roll-on, rather than a water-based product like BG.  It's actually difficult to wash-off.  It lasts a helluvalot longer and won't go breaking off the base.

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                  Last year a lot of the races I ran gave tiny little tubes of Aquaphor in the goody bags - I've used it as a method of chafe prevention, as well as a remedy when I forget to use it pre-run.

                    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it.

                    I'll give some of this advice a go for a 5km this evening and see how it goes. Walking a lot more normal at work today, though still sticking to tights and skirts. That is why the compression clothing idea makes sense. 


                      Bag Balm is like miracle cure.  doesnt smell great but works like champ.

                        Diaper rash cream works for me on chafed areas (bra strap, boobs, back where the the water bottle strap rubs) haven't tried it on the inner thighs...





                          Diaper rash cream works for me on chafed areas (bra strap, boobs, back where the the water bottle strap rubs) haven't tried it on the inner thighs...




                          Similar thing was suggested to me by another runner here in Germany. I'm currently using a zinc containing cream for minor wounds, which was also a component in the baby cream. 

                          Thanks again.

                            Gold bond cream - stings a bit but helps heal the chaffed area pretty quick.

                              There is a powder called Anti Monkey Butt..... Best. Product. Ever.


                              The only store I've seen this in is Ace Hardware. Big display up front by the cash registers. 


                              I also use Aquafor and then add Gold Bond powder. But Anti-monkey butt works great too. 



                                Happens to me all the time.  I go through tubes of this stuff:



                                Neosporin Plus Pain Relief, Maximum Strength, First Aid Antibiotic Cream


                                Get the cream (it rubs in and disappears) rather than the gel, which is ok if covered by bandaid, otherwise it rubs off and can stain clothing leaving an oily mark that does not wash out well.  
                                Either gel or cream will heal the area nicely, it also has an ingredient (topical steroid?) that kills the pain.  You'll walk like normal again immediately.


                                I use body glide to prevent chaffing, but sometimes I either forget to put it on, don't get enough on, or it does not work long enough (on super long runs).  I need to try the silicon based stuff, actually.  I've also heard it's good.


                                As for healing, also, try using a cotton ball or gauze taped around the area, rather than a bandaid.  It will let it breathe better and heal faster. 

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