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    Anyone else love Puma running shoes? I have a hard time finding them, but my favorite shoe of all time was the Complete Prevail. I like to have 2 trainers from different companies (different lasts) going at a time, so I'm looking at trying to get a pair of Fuujin or something out of the Faas line, to go with my Kinveras. There's no where local that carries these shoes, so I have to order online. The Fuujin looks the most like the Prevail, but the Faas is actually available in North America as opposed to getting a pair of Fuujin shipped from GB.

    For other options, the Pumagility looks ok, but very expensive and kind of funky. Anyone tried them? The Ryjin I can get here in Canada, and it looks more similar to my Phasis than the Prevail, but might be better than getting something shipped transatlantic.

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      I used Zappos when I was looking for them, it's a pretty popular site. They've got a pretty good selection, and they'll pay your return shipping if you're not happy with them. You'll have to pick up stateside though, they don't ship to Canada. Just ship to a UPS office near they border, and they'll hold it a week or two for pickup.


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          I usually only buy Pumas for casual shoes and I love them for that. They have a pretty basic construction and use good materials that last for years. I would never have considered them for running though because they tend to have a very narrow toe box. about a month ago I was looking for new trainers and I found the Yugorun, I guess it's one of their latest models, and ended up taking them home. Overall I'm pretty happy with them. The toe box is wider than most of their models and the upper is a very flexible material so they feel pretty roomy. The sole is very flexible and soft so you can feel the surface you run on and they are fairly lightweight too. My only complaint is they are white and part of the upper is suede so they will look like hell after a while.

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            I got the FAAS 300 a couple months back, excellent shoe. Quite minimalist so takes a few runs to get used to, but comfortable and made for quick running. Great for intervals, on the track or a treadmill. Punishes the calves a bit on concrete.

              I just ordered a pair of Ryjin's for $70, just because of lack of feedback on the Faas 500 or Pumagility. (current shoes)

                I just ordered a pair of Ryjin's for $70, just because of lack of feedback on the Faas 500 or Pumagility. (current shoes)


                I'm a Puma wear tester and have tried all of the FAAS lineup.  I've liked the FAAS shoes as they are all neutral.  I've tried some of their other running shoes such as the Velosis but I don't like those at all.  Too heavy.   From what I can tell Puma shoes are bent towards the racer and runner who doesn't require a lot of stability and/or motion control doodads yet the shoes are quite cushioned. 

                My favorite everyday trainer is the FAAS 400.  Neutral, light,  and well cushioned for such an 8.5oz trainer.  The 400 kind of sticks out in the FAAS lineup as the widest, by a long shot.  I need a wide forefoot and the 400's fit perfectly the 200's, 250's, 300, 350,500 all are just a bit too narrow for me.  I am testing out a new minimalist shoe for them right now called the evospeed runner and these shoes are great.  7.5oz and I've been using them every day.  Great, great shoe.  I haven't tried the Ryjin or Fujin but I've been told by Puma that they fit like the 400 - wide in the forefoot. 

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                  Actually, I'm sure it's one of these gigs not open to Canadians, same as the shoes costing twice as much here for no reason.


                  Interesting to hear about the 400 having enough cushion as a trainer, most descriptions make it out to be the next thing to a flat. Did you ever try the Prevail?