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    Hypothetical situation: I'm running with a buddy, two abreast down the sidewalk. We meet two people running the opposite direction on the same sidewalk. Is the correct procedure: A) Both parties run single file, passing each other on the right? B) One party veers off onto the grass, road, etc, and let the other pass? or C) One party goes single file, while the dork in the American Eagle X-Country sweatshirt in the other party doesn't budge, thus forcing the other group into the grass, to show his girlfriend he's running with what a big man he is? Okay, so it's been a rough day at work and I have an axe to grind with AE boy, but seriously, what do you all do in that situation? Is there some running etiquette primer out there? I don't want to step on anyones toes (nor have mine stepped on by anyone else)
      P.S. I'm aware of my misspelling, but it fits my mood today.
        there's nothing more annoying than sidewalk hogs. Evil grin From 3 women with strollers walking 3 abreast, to idiots who run on the WRONG side of the walkway. What's worse, is when you have 3 kids on bikes who you are trying to teach sidewalk etiquette. In your situation, I think both parties should have made single lines and smiled and waved. I say give way and mutterwhatevermakesyoufeelgood under your breath after you have passed them and let it go. Wink
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          Dear Holden Caulfield: You have a very wry (rye?) wit. Tongue Personally, I'd choose option D: a well-placed hip check to teach AE boy some manners. Then take his girlfriend out for a nice dinner, and put it on his credit card. But seriously folks (try the veal - tip your waitress - I'll be in town all week), the obvious answer is that both sides should be equally courteous and equally careful. So the answer ought to be some version of option A. Most runners seem to know this. When I run on narrow trails, I've actually several times had the opposite (and funnier) problem: we BOTH stopped to step aside, and then started a hilarious routine of "you first" ... "no, you" ... "no, I insist." Which is why I tend to like runners. In general, if the approaching runner(s) are either significantly older then me, or female (specially if they're cute - so what if I'm a pig?), I'll do some verion of your option B and step aside and yield to them. Of course, that option tends to seem less appealing when some idiot's being an ass. Personally, I wouldn't have the grace or maturity to be that nice to someone acting like AE boy. So - unless you're more mature than me - I'd either run into him, hard, on purpose, and toss out a sarcastic "oops!" ... or step aside while simultaneously winking at his girlfriend. (Assuming you're single, of course). Wouldn't really matter how big he is - you can undoubtedly outrun him. My 2 cents. Respectfully yours, J.D. "Froggy" Salinger
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            In your situation, I think both parties should have made single lines and smiled and waved. I say give way and mutterwhatevermakesyoufeelgood under your breath after you have passed them and let it go. Wink
            What she said...that is frustrating, though. Most days I feel like it is I who always seems to be the one to give way...but mostly because I don't encounter all that many other runners in these parts. Mostly I come up on walkers, bikers, and inline skaters. The walkers are generally older couples, so I give them the sidewalk. Inline skaters pretty much NEED the sidewalk, and I'm not going to tangle with a cyclist, since they move faster than I do and colliding with that metal frame would hurt (though they SHOULD be on the road). I do like that we have a pretty good and wide path that many of my runs are done on. For the most part it can accomodate a lot of people going in both directions. k

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              I always go out of my way to give-way to strollers, walkers, kids, skateboarders, runners, dogs, cars. Usually I cut to the grass if I am on a sidewalk or I cut to the street if necessary. Whatever it takes!

              You'll ruin your knees!

                Hey, did you all know that Miss France is a runner. She has a great technique for just this problem... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoQF0GVA8DU Lynn B

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