Multisport from 910xt - downloading data (Read 47 times)

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    I didn't see this elsewhere, so sorry if this has been covered.


    How do I upload multisport data from the 910 - meaning, run/bike data in one "workout"?  It's currently uploading it as the final leg, with the "intervals" being the prior legs (so I see the final 5k of a duathlon in my list of workouts, and then the interval data shows the bike and first run portions).


    The work around I can think of is - use Garmin connect to separate the data (since it does it automatically on upload) and then upload the separate TCX files?  Is that it?



      I haven't see any multi-sport data so the software won't know how to handle it.  If you send me the actual data file (I believe it's an Ant file), I might be able to update the software to better handle it.  For now, GC might be the only work around.


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        Well, I'm a dummie because I can't figure out how get the un-split file - Strava won't let me upload it as one file because I've already uploaded the separate TCX files and Garmin connect splits it into the segments automatically.


        My workout from 5/19 is the multisport I was talking about, but otherwise I'm not sure how to get the raw file off my Garmin.   In any event, I have the separate files, so I can use that!  Was just curious if I was missing something.



          Same thing here, except it's 310xt instead of 910xt. Same worokaround: import in GTC, export each leg and import to RA

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