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    Thanks for the advice, everyone. Due to my stellar speed... um... my 10K's about what most people's half-marathon is.... so hydration's actually an issue! LOL! I'll try a few of these things on my long run this weekend. Janell

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      I didn't take my Camelbak for my 25K or my 10mi races. I did drink at every stop though (at least half of each cup didn't end up on my shirt anyways). If I know I am doing a long run or race, I drink water like crazy starting two or three days before the race. I pee clear for 3 days. I drink water up until I leave home (it's always at least one hour to a race from the middle of nowheresville!). Every cell in my body is so filled with water it doesn't want much more by the time I take off!! Smile
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        Wait, when you say "dehydrated", what do you mean? Is it to the point where it affects your overall performance? Do you end up needing (or almost needing) medical help? That's one thing. You're going to end up getting at least a little dehydrated during a distance event. It's unavoidable. Here's what I do: Drink a lot of water all the time. That's the best way to deal with it, honestly. Now, if it comes to a race, and I know the water stops are few and far between, then I bring my Camelback. Otherwise, I don't bring anything. But......That works for me. Your mileage may vary. But I would push the water on a regular basis. That's really key.
          Wait, when you say "dehydrated", what do you mean?
          You know, I had sort of the same question when I read this thread. How do you know you're dehydrated? Peeing something that looks like the tar they repair roads with? Or just feeling thirsty? No matter how hot you are - or slow - I'm having trouble figuring out how you could get all that dehydrated on a 10-K run. Are you sure you're not actually over-hydrating? It may seem counter-intuitive, but if you're slamming water all the time and still having hydration problems on a relatively short run, you might actually be having the opposite of the problem you think you're having. You might want to check out that thread on sodium/potassium ... maybe all that scientific gobbledy-gook will make sense to you. (If it does, you can explain to the rest of us ...) By the way - especially if you're having hydration problems - WALK through the water stations. I don't care what a stud you are, losing needed water because you can't walk for 10 seconds is silly. (Besides, you'll end up running faster if you do!) Bill Rodgers won Boston 4 times and he slows down enough to get the water actually in his mouth. Maybe not a bad idea.
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