Wind Speed (Read 455 times)

Non ducor, duco.

    In an effort to monitor if I am a complete whiner or if the wind is a legitimate excuse, I have been trying to track windspeeds for my runs. Oklahoma as you know from the song, is terribly windy. So, I was wonderin if it could be a field. I realize this is probably incredibly stupid but I feel better just putting it out there. 


    nevermind. after reading all these suggestions, my head hurt. I don't want your head to hurt, Eric. 

    I'm back.

    Am I doing this right?

      If it's really windy I'll make note of it in my notes.  Not that I go back and read notes all that often.  Just there for documentation.

      No excuses....

      Loves the outdoors

        Living in Wellington I often make a note of the wind. I only select "Windy" on the really windy day and then I'll add in my notes wind direction and speed. For example, S 50km/hr gusting to 90km/hr. That way I can see that there was a reason that my pace varied so badly over a run. I probably would use something like this, a windy category and a "this is ridiculous" category.

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