3:20 Thrusts into RunningAhead in 2012 (Read 940 times)


    Testes 1 2 3


    uh...I think you miscounted...or you're gifted.



        Testes 1 2 3


        It's a miracle.

        m: 2:55:04 | 10k: 37:14 | 50mile: 9:35


        pie man

          we're getting the band back together...

          15k: 1:04:15


          Man its Hot Here

            we're getting the band back together... "were on a mission from god" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjGfnsjdJec

              Hey kids!


              - rovatti


                This is good, I may remember to update my running log more than once a month.

                  Well, I made the switch. Shortened my name.


                  1:26:42 officially this am. Which would be awesome, but I think course was short. According to my Garmin, I ran 12.97. If you exrapolate the pace over 13.1, it is approximately 1:27:34. That would be a 20 sec PR -- on a far tougher (hillier, multiple turns, some cobblestone) course. 3rd in AG (45-49).


                  So the really f'd up part? About 5 minutes in we start hear "turn around, wrong way." They misdirected leaders (top 100 or so), so we had to double back. A lot of talent/top guys just bagged it.


                  Very pleased with results, I ran strong.


                  Splits (auto lap set at 1.01):













                  27 (pace)


                  The variations align w/ hills. More later.


                    Wahoo. Very nice Dad. Can we still call you Dad?


                    Nice splits and a PR is a PR. Time for holiday seasons then getting ready for Barstow.

                    m: 2:55:04 | 10k: 37:14 | 50mile: 9:35


                      D4JCZ (which is much harder to type than Dad):  Well done on the half!  That's crazy on misdirecting the leaders!


                      Hi to everyone!


                      Ran my last race of 2012 this morning, hoping to improve on a 5K PR that is more than a year old (19:47 in November 2011).  No idea what to shoot for on this as I haven't been doing any speedwork.  So, I decided to run this by heart rate to see what would happen.


                      Splits were...


                      1K:  3:49 (slightly fast start to get the HR up to around 170)

                      2K:  3:57
                      3K:  3:56

                      4K:  3:52

                      5K:  3:43 (I was at my limit by this point, but managed a strong finishing sprint anyway)


                      Time:  19:17 (a 30-second PR)

                      Overall place:  12th

                      Age group place (40-49):  1st  (there are quite a few really fast people in my age group in these parts, but apparently none of them decided to show up this morning.)


                        I'm originally from RWOL,  lurking in 3:20 in RWOL, but hanging out actively with the cool cats in 3:30. I didn't (still don't) have a problem there, but it turns out I've been keeping a  running log here from a while back, so I've updated it. I'm 45, ran  3:21 a couple months ago and have had a hell of a time getting back into the swing of things (bronchitis followed by calf problems). But it looks like it's getting better now.


                        I ran 7 miles @8:30 and felt great. Finally!


                        OMR - +1 on  'gifted'. Oh, and also on the PR. I can't get it under 20 for love nor money.


                        Sir Mix a Lot

                          Dad - smoking fast half in my book! Congrats on the PR and bummer on the course screw up. Is it really that hard to start everyone in the right direction??!!


                          Omar - congrats to you as well! Great 5k time and AG win!!


                          RTI - gifted indeed I see.....


                          Runbo - no more lurking


                          12.3 this morning, man I'm way off from where I need to be beginning the 23rd....



                          Time to go watch some foosball


                          pie man

                            that half has a history of course issues.  which is amazing cause it was only the second year. 


                            think i might run tomorrow. not sure how far.

                            15k: 1:04:15


                              Well done Dad! Sweet Omar! I posted yesterday from fb with offers of jazz dance lessons and drivers licences in line with where we ate taking refuge from and someone called Trent booted me for spam. I was on RA about two years back and have been logging directly from facebook and it seems to not be marrying up properly. so might be some issue with my log. Anyway what is your plan FB? Are you going to spend that fitness of yours on anything?

                                It's 4:34AM, it's raining, the wind is cracking and I'm coughing up green gunk. Sounds like a perfect PR day to me. Time to head for the bus. Wahoo!


                                Leave it to RDR to get booted the first day. But you really do give great dance lessons.

                                m: 2:55:04 | 10k: 37:14 | 50mile: 9:35