First 100 Miles (Read 757 times)


    100 miles since I stated logging my runs :-) Started running in Jan and started logging about 8 weeks later - only logged runs, not run / walk intervals. Never really run before - made an attempt 2 years ago which ended in shin splints for several months. Now I just need to get faster and drop 20 odd lbs Big grin
      Congratulations, just be sure to stick to it this time. And keep in mind the more you run the faster you will get. Post again after 1,000 miles Smile

      Princess Cancer Pants

        100 miles soon becomes 1000...then 2000... Sounds like you're doing it right! Big grin

        '18 Goals:

        • Recover from 2017

        • Surgery in March

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        • Rebuild to racing and big running & biking miles in 2019


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