thinking of starting to train for my first half, how far out should I start? (Read 1725 times)

    It's official.  My husband and I are running our first HM on April 22!  We just signed up with a local running shop for an 18 week training program that starts in Dec and ends with the HM on April 22.  We actually will be working with a coach 2x a week for the 18 weeks.  This is just what we needed.  It will keep us motivated through the winter and since neither of us have ever been runners, it will also give us the coaching we desperatly need.  They also will be including a nutrition class and an injury prevention class.  Can't wait for it to start. 


    But this means running outside a lot in the winter in Northern Ohio = cold.  What do you wear to run in the winter?  It was about 35 when I went out yesterday.  Ran in a long sleeve cotten shirt and cotton sweatshirt.= wet and cold!  Need to find out what to wear.  Help?


    Side note, I just ran almost 8 miles yesterday!  I have had to cut my miles way back because of a knee injury.  It felt great!  Today a little sore, but not as bad as I expected. 

      Just keep running consistently and stay healthy until that training program starts.  The more miles you log into before that the easier it will be to maintain the plan. Also, listen to your body during the training plan. If the plan calls for a bunch of speed work one day and you just don't feel up to it, just get the miles in without the intensity. It is a program but you do not have to follow it to the tee. Good luck!

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        Start/keep running now, the more you run the better shape you will be in for the race. Just keep that injury in check. Ditch all cotton for running. You will thank me later. Get an assortment of weights of synthetic running shirts, running pants like sport hills, and a windproof vest or shell. Experiment with layering until you get the hang of matching gear to weather. No reason cold should keep you indoors...wind plus cold is much worse.

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            Good luck with the training!


            I think McMilan provides a nice intro to developing a training system:



            It's a fairly quick read.


            A word of caution: as a beginner myself, I've had to deal with injuries quite a bit. I think I know the reason: I was training too fast. When the schedule calls for "easy" pace, run slow :-)