Where to buy shoes for cheap? (Read 1748 times)

    lph that sounds good. I only started running last summer so I have not done too many yet. I ran the hartford half in Oct and a 5k here by me. Ive been keeping my eye out for races on a few sites. Lemme know when you grab it so that I can take it off of the post later on.
      Supporting your local running store is good but when I'm buying a shoe I've been running in for years I watch this place for closeouts on older models. Very, very good customer service. I've been buying ASICS DS Trainers for years from them and my last pair I on-line ordered a size 8 1/2. The next day they called me and asked me if I REALLY wanted an 8 1/2 because all of my previous orders for this shoe had been for the 9 1/2 size! I had screwed up when I selected the size. Now that's what I call looking out for the customer! http://telarunner.com


        Akron marathon gives out a free pair of Brooks to all full marathon finishers. And winning a race doesn't come free, the price is sweat, effort and years of consistent training. Considering the monetary value of time, it's probably the most expensive method given. I'd flag that as a shameless boast, but would do the same thing in a heartbeat if I can get myself to race winning shape.
        You aren't kidding...The amount of time and energy required to run at that elite level seems so incomprehensible to me. Plus, I lack the God-given ability to even consider. That being said....I finished a half-marathon today in 1:59:48, so I'm getting closer....lol.

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