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    Switch the beer to wine and I agree with Scout. Wink Another idea is to use shake supplements. Any health food store (although GNC pretty much sucks) can give you advice about high carb ones. There's also drinks like Ensure that would add easy calories, but watch the sugar content. I know SlimFast has a high sugar count. I should mention now how much I hate you. Oh, what I would give to have the problem of needing MORE calories. Tongue
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      I definitely have to recommend that you visit a registered dietitian who hopefully specializes in sports nutrition. There are tons of them out there and you can count on them to ask you tons of nosey questions that ultimately get you to where you want to be. Running is hard on the body, so it is so important that you take care of your body and get proper nutrition. I always think the best snacks are a mix of carbohydrates/protein and fats (preferably healthy ones like mono-unsaturated or poly-unsaturated). By combining foods together you get the best of everything, and are likely to actually be putting good food into your body that will stick with you and fuel you properly. I like fruit & natural pb, trail mix, granola/energy bars if you REALLY know how to read your nutrition labels, veggies & dip, homous & pita, yogurt & dried fruit, smoothies (and you don't necessarily need to add protein powder or anything, just milk/yogurt, fruit, jc, pb, tofu etc. works great), homemade muffins/cookies with a lot of fibre (ie: whole wheat flour, bran, ground flax), man, that list can go on and on!! If you aren't able to get in to see an RD, I recommend picking up Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook (you can get it at any major bookstore, or even online). It has great info on basic nutrition, and then gets into some of the nitty gritty in terms of fueling pre/during/post workouts. It also has a chapter on gaining weight properly as well as whole sections on recipe and snack ideas. It's kinda like one-stop shopping for sports nutrition. Hope this helps! Alli Bunney, BSc, RD Vancouver BC
        CallieB--- My stomach is sensitive to dairy (this is a new thing for me)...so shakes may be out of the question. I never used to be bothered by dairy products but over the past year things have changed. I can have a small glass of milk (2%) and be okay, but nothing more. I'm not a big ice-cream eater, but every now and then I crave Heavenly Hash (flavor of ice-cream)...That stuff is the best!! But now I don't dare have more than a spoonful of ice-cream at a time. As for beer vs. wine...I don't care for wine but BEER- WELL...my stomach can handle that perfectly fine. In fact, I treated myself to about 4 of those on Saturday night (my husband and I played gin and drank some beer - our version of having a social life). The losing weight thing is pretty new to me. I think I'm the most active now than I have been in years. Between keeping up with the kids' schedules, working full time, running, playing soccer, coaching soccer and the usual day to day stuff, I must be at an all time high with my metabolism. I eat a snack before bed, usually something like a banana and cereal, or bread and honey and juice, or popcorn and a small glass of milk and by the time I wake up my stomach is growling in full force! Almost to the point where I feel sick to my stomach from being so hungry. Last night before bed I weighed 114. I haven't seen 114 pounds since like 10th grade. This morning I stopped at Wa-Wa on my way into work and I bought a cup of coffee, a four pack of fig newtons, and I couldn't resist getting peanut butter cookies! Knowing all along that I had already packed my snack of oat nut bread and green peppers. But my stomach TOLD me to get the cookies, so I listened. Big grin allibunney---- Thank you very much. What a great idea with the pita bread - funny since I was just looking at them while I was at the grocery store last night. I looked at the nutrition and saw how they are packed with carbohydrates. I've been buying a whole grain bread, oat nut, and in the a.m., and as a snack I'll have two pieces, sometimes with honey, sometimes just plain. I'll have to check out the natural PB, I keep hearing about it. In my house we go through a lot of peanut butter, but it's Skippy. I will be heading to the book store tonight to pick up books for work, so it's perfect that you've suggested a book for me, I can see if they have it! Smile



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          I second Nancy Clark's book. I have it (gift from my RD mother....I'll tell you the details of wrestling season in HS later), and it's easy to read, she's not overly technical with the science terms and stuff, and lays it all out very well.
            Look for the Smuckers natural! Talk about mmmmmmmmmm GOOD! Now that I've had that I can't believe I ever liked skippy or any other brand. OH and MMMMMMMMMM Pita bread!

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              Wish I had some advice. I've got the opposite problem. Smile All this running makes me hungry so whenever I'm training for something, I eat ... and eat ... and, well you get the picture. I always end up putting on like 5 pounds before my HMs. It always comes right off afterwards but if I don't eat, I just can't seem to get in good workouts. (Excuses, excuses!) I'm hopeful that now I'm training for a full marathon, my mileage will reach a point where I'm burning more than I'm taking in. Tongue My appetite has sort of leveled out the past few weeks so I'm hopeful! LOL! Anyway, good luck with your problem. I spent the first 40 years of my life being underweight and not able to gain so I know how frustration it can be. After 40, losing weight has definitely not been my problem. Wink Teresa
                HI I started a thread awhile ago on eating some great info there. http://www.runningahead.com/forums/topic/25e498e2feb94b21a394f6837494771d

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                  Look for the Smuckers natural! Talk about mmmmmmmmmm GOOD! Now that I've had that I can't believe I ever liked skippy or any other brand. OH and MMMMMMMMMM Pita bread!
                  Yes and yes! Big grin k

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