Ravenna 4 (Read 243 times)


    I was an official wear-tester for the ravenna 4 (and btw, gave them the feedback that the color scheme above ^^^ was "ass ugly"... hee)


    I got 600ish miles out of my wear test pair, which is slightly more than I get out of Adrenalines and the beefy Trance (which is too much shoe for me).  I'm hard on my right shoe because I do the "late stage pronation" thing and twist on push off... so I wear down the forefoot sole pretty quickly. I started noticing at about 200 on the ravenna... about when I notice on most shoes.


    I liked the shoes and had no negative issues with them.  But that color scheme....


    But they go so well with this hat...  Big grin


    Brooks Shamrock Hat


    Miles to Go

      My Ravenna 3's don't seem to have a lot of cushioning.  Really notice it on LR.

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        HOw old are they?  I think the Ravenna is a very very cushioned shoe.