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Tiny Dancer

    For the past week or so every time I go to log on it puts my info in automatically as one would expect. But when I hit send I get a message back that either the email or the password is wrong. So I have to change my PW. Each visit requires a new password. Any ideas? It had worked fine for quite awhile.
      Tiny Dancer, I'm not sure I'm understanding you correctly. When you said "it puts my info in automatically", what is it? In other words, when you go to the login page, are your email address and password filled in by the browser, or you are logged in automatically without entering any login information? The having to "hit send" hints at the former. The password does not change and there is no reason why you were asked to create a new one. Could you give me a step by step way of reproducing this? For example, I'm looking for something like: 1. open browser 2. go to RunningAHEAD.com's home page 3. enter email address in login box 4. enter password in login box 5. click login 6. received message that email/password is wrong Try to be as detailed as possible because that will help me narrow down the possibilities. Thanks! eric Smile

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        Eric this is happening to me too. Only in the last few days. I thought that you might be doing some changes! I open internet explorer. Click on the link to my running log in my favorites list. Then I get a box saying that I am accsessing a member's area and that I should log in. It requests a name and password. Even though I tick the 'remember me' box it asks the next time that I return. Usually when I click on the link in my favorites it goes straight to my running log and I am already signed in. Hope that helps. Claire xxx
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        Tiny Dancer

          Eric, what was happening was. 1.I would open my browser 2. I would go to Running Ahead 3. I would click on "Login" 4. I would type in the first letter of my email addy and automatically my entire email addy would appear. 5. Id click on my email addy and it would automatically be filled in along with my password. 6. Id click send 7. Id get a message "Invalid email or password please try again. 8. Id try again and get the same message. 9. So Id click on "forgot password" 10. Id get an email that would prompt me to enter a new password. 11. Id do this and it would work, Id be logged in. 12. The next time Id sign on to RunningAhead Id have to go thru the same exercise again. Today I went to the login page and instead of letting it fill in the info automatically I instead tried to do it manually. It worked and I was signed on. Weird but hey, I'll take it Smile PS thanks for the great site.

            I was having an issue with this on another site, so maybe this will help. For me, it had to do with cookies. I had McAfee Privacy Protection turned on, and it was not allowing cookies from the site I was trying to access. I could get into the site, but it would not "remember" me. The solution for me was opening the privacy service, and looking at the specific cookies it was not allowing. I deleted the cookie for the site I was I using from the not allowed list, and it solved my problem.
              The antivirus softwares sometimes do more harm than good. In the name of security, they lock down everything, leaving even the most savvy users perplexed. I've known about problems with Symantec/Norton Firewall and Internet Security softwares actually modifying the HTML such that you can't even log in! I guess McAfee can't let Symantec break all the pages and decided to do the same. What Tiny Dancer experienced was something else. It's caused by the browser entering the wrong password during auto complete. I was always suspicious of the auto complete feature and I turn my off. Now I know it can cause problems. Tiny Dancer, what you should do is enter your password manually, and then check the "remember me" option. Make sure your browser accepts cookies. Once you do that, the site will log you in automatically from then on.