Pes Anserine Bursitis and cramping (Read 229 times)


    Hello all!


    For about 6-8 weeks, I have had Pes Anserine Bursitis in my right knee. This is an odd injury to me as I've been running for about 25 years without anything like it.


    I trained for and ran a half marathon in March, totally injury free, and then took 5 months off to deal with child care issues. I started running again in August, and on my first run I nearly twisted my left ankle, and had to ditch in the road, falling very hard on my *left* side, with road rash on my left shoulder, my face and *both* knees. At that time I did not detect any problems with anything other than a slight sprain of the left ankle, and my skin (and my ego), and I was able to train normally running easy, maybe 3 days a week, low mileage, slow pace. In September I started to increase my mileage and effort slightly, and near the end of the month is when the Pes Anserine Bursitis started. In October, I had it officially diagnosed with an orthopedist, who did take X-rays of the knee joint, and he gave me a cortisone shot in the bursar sack, and prescribed a NSAID (diclofenac)). I also have been icing and using a heat pad, and stretching the calves, hamstrings and quads more thoroughly. I felt well enough after two weeks to run a 5K at race pace. A week after that, I felt nearly any pain at all.


    But just when I though I had it licked, I took a run up a steep hill, and I could feel a sudden tightening behind the knee . . . I'm calling it a cramp, a tight squeeze behind the knee . . . can't tell if it was hamstring or calf, and it continued to "freeze" on several strides up the hill. Reducing pace enabled me to finish, but the bursitis flared back up.


    Since that time I have been able to train modestly including intervals on the track, and I've been keeping my runs fairly flat, and once again the bursitis pain started to subside. I've taken a few runs on a treadmill, which I could guarantee would be flat, and by the end of 5 miles or so, my right calf/foot start to feel very stiff, and my foot strike goes . . . wonky. I'm supinator who wears cushion shoes, but I could tell near the end of the run that the foot strike wasn't normal. I have tried to replicate this outside but I have been unable to. I took another treadmill run this week and the right calf/foot again started to stiffen up, so I bailed after 5 miles. Climbing one flight of stairs 10 minutes afterwards, I felt the back of knee freeze again like I was running up hill. I still can't tell if it was hamstring or calf, it's right in the back of the knee.


    I don't really understand what is going on. I don't understand why the calf would cramp up because of the bursitis, so I am taking the theory that it is the other way around . . . something is wrong with the calf or hamstring (or knee, I guess), that in turn causes the bursitis. I am thinking that because I have never had an injury like this before, it is somehow related to the fall I took. That seems somewhat unlikely as I fell more directly on my left side, though I did get road rash on the right knee, so it could have taken a blow to the right knee as well. But if I injured the knee in the fall, wouldn't it have shown up on the X-ray? I guess another possibility is that I could be "evolving" out of supination and am in the wrong shoes . . . but wouldn't I have detected that when I was running harder and farther back in March?


    Two other things . . . the shoes I was using were very near the end of their life (500 miles), don't know if that is a factor. Also, when I do scissor kick abdominal exercises, the right knee painlessly pops after 6-10 reps or so.


    Sorry to bombard you with such a long post, but I'm about at the end of my rope here, and I've consulted doctors, tried things on my own ... now it's time to consult other runners. Any ideas?