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      Here's what I take from this:  First, my hyper-sensitive approach to diet and training are over-rated.  Second, Golden Arches doing away with their $1 menu will set back American running competitiveness by a generation.

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        Don't they feed the athletes in the Olympic village?  I don't really understand why he was wandering around trying to find food to eat.  I assumed it was at least like D1 athletics.


        rather be sprinting

          No no, you guys.  This is the Olympic village we're talking about!


          Those clearly weren't chicken nuggets.


          They were ostrich.



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            Michael Jordan would eat at McDonald's, stay out literally all night gambling, and then score 40 points in a playoff game the next day.


            I was on a college track team and the distance guys were super disciplined about what they ate, but the rest of us pigged out on whatever.


            That being said, my son is a college (non distance) track athlete now and he is super duper disciplined about his diet.  He returned yesterday from a week in Morocco and complained that "they fed me like a normal person".  He was mostly complaining about not getting enough to eat, but he is really selective about what he eats.

              Those chickens in those nuggets were probably juiced with steroids to grow real big and that steroid power was passed on to Bolt to become super fast! Drug test time, j/k. Or maybe the short nugget eating binge wasn't enough time to drag him down significantly. I'd like to see him eat like that for a year and see how he does.

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                I recall a similar article about Michael Phelps involving huge quantities of fast food.  The gist was that Olympic training was burning several thousand calories a day, so the focus was just on consuming massive quantities of the cheapest calories available.

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                  All my life I've been told, "You're doing it wrong!"  I guess that's why I'm a patented inventor.  Smile

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                    All my life I've been told, "You're doing it wrong!"  I guess that's why I'm a patented inventor.  Smile


                    ooh!  Touche' !!!

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