Today I surprised myself... (Read 503 times)

    I started running 5 years ago, at age 43, and ran more or less consistently for a few years, but hardly ran in 2009 en 2010.

    Since February this year, I started again, and have been running a few times a week since then, apart from a week in April, when we were hiking in Italy.


    But my pace was always rather slow, no... very slow, at least 7:10 min/km (about 11:32 min/mile).

    Since a few weeks I was doing some speedwork (only some strides during one of my weekly runs), but I started wondering if I would be able to maintain a higher pace than those poor 7:10 min/km during a somewhat longer timespan, and decided to try today...


    And I really surprised myself by running 5.1 km in 'only' 32:54 min, a pace of 6:29 min/km (10:26 min/mile).

    I know, I really know that even a running snail is faster than that, but imagine, I ran about an minute per mile faster than I normally do!
    And what I think was rather important: I was able to maintain the same pace during the whole run.


    I must say, this was extremely motivating after the bad week I had last week (I had to pause my long run after only 5K, maybe because of the heath, probably because of tiredness, and therefore decided to skip my training for the previous weekend.)

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    Stranger than you know

      Nice! I don't know if you have tried racing, but I bet you could shave another 0:30/km off that pace with the race adrenaline kicking in and run a sub-30 minute 5K Smile


      Getting faster is unfortunately rather more painful than gaining endurance. Just running easy and long runs gets you only to a certain level, after that you need to run faster to be faster. And doing tempo runs or intervals is not always pure pleasure Shocked. But if you get hooked on racing, you gladly suffer through a weekly speed session to get another new shiny PR.


      Cotton mouth

        Great Job!!!  You improved a minute in 4 months or so, sounds pretty good to me.


          well done! I am particularly pleased for you, as my running is equally slow, and I am about the same age as you; I've actually slowed my easy runs right down, but realise that I need to sharpen up on speed.

          2012 goals


          lose 8lbs

          run injury free

          run 3000k

          run sub 60 min 10k

          run 2 hour half


          2013 goals


          run 1750 miles

          run injury free

          sub 55 10k

          sub 25 5k

          sub 2 hour half


            congrats, not only is is hard to make improvements for many, often times it's hard to stay committed at all.  So the fact that you improved is great.