6 days until 5k PR attempt...do I taper? (Read 240 times)

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    only in my dreams could I pull off a "terribly managed" 19:06       great job!

    +1 congrats!

    Did you leave the watch at home?

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      5:35, then 13:31 for the last 2.1 = OUCH!

      But, still, way to go  - congrats on the PR!  This is where more racing comes into play ... better pace control in that first mile will get you a faster PR.


      Yes it was a messy way to go about it and I am confident I have a much better time in me.  The 19:09 I ran last year was my pinnacle of races where everything came together.  This 19:06 was probably the most poorly run race ever for me...LSD does workWink.


      Runnerclay - I wore the watch, but I ran off of feel.  I checked it a few times, but did not make any decisions based on what I saw.  I don't think it would have gone much differently if I had no watch for this race.

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