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Virginia Beach - 2007

    I have a running club at my school with 4th and 5th graders... http://run.spencersrus.com/kids/ The governor of my state even came to visit my classroom!!!! http://run.spencersrus.com/press/ As a reward system, I us the little feet from here: http://fitnessfinders.net/
    Kevin S. Spencer


      Kirsten, many of our local running races--5k and 10k have kids races also. The Apple Run we just ran up in Sparta had kids races after the 5k. Look at the race web sites for more info. A great site to search is runmichigan.com

      Princess Cancer Pants

        I am going to look for more kids races--though I tried to get our son to run with me on Sunday and he got a side ache almost immediately--nevermind the fact that at school he runs and runs and runs back and forth on the playground. Next weekend he'll be doing a "Tot Trot" obstacle course with other 3-6 year olds while I run a 10k, so maybe that will get him inspired. Though he just got the training wheels off his bike and I think the cycling bug has bit him FAR more than the running bug! Wink k

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