How to change a route name for a workout? (Read 356 times)




    First of all, amazing service and thank you so much for offering it for free Eric! You have done a spectacular job.  I'm totally new to Running Ahead so if this question is already answered elsewhere, please just point me to the thread (I did search before posting but didn't find a relevant answer).


    I entered in route names for workouts and realized that a bit later on that I wanted to change all the route names - is there an index somewhere where I can edit all the route names in one go and have it update the respective workouts ? 


    e.g. while saving a workout I gave it name X1 ; now I want to change all workouts with the name X1 to X1a. 



    John @ RnC

      There is probably a more elegant solution but:


      1) From the Training Log tab, select Courses  from the drop down menu


      2) Right click the course of interest and place it a new tab or window. This will list all the courses with the name you wish to change, say X1.


      3) Now edit each entry and change the  route from it's old name to the new name, say X18.


      4) It looks like you can do something similar for biking and swimming. You could even click the header to sort by workout type in case you have  bike or swimming routes with the same name you have for running routes. I am not sure about other type of training, like weights.


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        It's easier than that. From the Training Log page:


        Click Courses

        Find the course in the list, and choose the pencil icon (in the actions column - hover the magnifying glass).

        Change the name of the course.



        This will change the course name on every workout that used the original course name in one step.

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          Thanks for the suggestions @sluggo and @Bonkin! Editing the course name changes all the corresponding workouts and is exactly what I was looking for.