Garmin Upload Issue (Read 147 times)

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    Multiple hard resets of the watch...in anger.  But like AP said, you might lose your data on the watch.


    It's not a RA problem.



    Just run.

      I'm not understanding the process here. When I move the 310XT near the PC data transfer occurs to the PC and uploads the workouts to Garmin Connect. So the 310XT ---> Ant Stick ---->PC connection seems to be working OK. What is not happening is RA seeing the data that has been transferred to the PC.


      Does RA need to interact directly with the watch, or does it pull data from a directory on the PC?


      RA gets the blame for not working because that's what the user sees.  This is how the data is passed between devices:


      310XT --> [Ant Stick --> Ant Agent -->] Communicator Plugin --> RA import page --> RA server

      steps in [ ] are optional.


      RA never interacts with the GPS directly because of the security built into the browsers.  Instead, all the requests are carried out via the Communicator plugin.  For models that rely on the Ant Agent, the Ant Agent downloads the data from the GPS automatically, and sends the data to the Communicator plugin when requested.


      The problem is that the Ant Agent keeps its own view of the world, and sometimes this view becomes out of sync with reality.  When the Communicator plugin requests new workouts, the Ant Agent sends what it thinks are new.  If its notion of what's new is corrupted, then the Communicator plugin will tell RA that there are no new workouts.


      The frustrating part is that the problem is web site specific.  The Ant Agent seems to keep track of each GPS, and perhaps each website that has uploaded the workouts.  It stores this information in a file somewhere.  If this file is corrupted, it might only affect RA but not Garmin Connect.


      One of my plans is to create a Communicator alternative that should be smart enough to avoid this nonsense.  It will have other advantages as well.  Sadly, I have a long list of things to do and I don't have the time to do it right now.

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        The RA message I get is 'device not connected', not 'no new workouts'.

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          The RA message I get is 'device not connected', not 'no new workouts'.


          It's a variant of the same problem.

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            Yeah, sometimes I got sick of dealing with it, and just manually uploaded the runs from the files sitting in the directory on my computer (which was an intermediate point in them getting to garmin connect). But the problem remains, and after a couple days of that, I'd get sick of the stupid problem, and start with the resets & deleting directories to try to get it to work correctly again.

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