Who doesnt listen to music while running? (Read 3009 times)

    No music for me - too worried about traffic... I'd like to listen to music on some runs but am likely to get knocked down if I do !!!


    I spend my time thinking what I would do if I won €50 million in the lottery... One run I'll focus on the house I would buy, another run would be cars, holidays etc.... It passes the time !!!

    2015 Goals:

    Sub 18 minute 5km

    Sub 38 minute 10km

    Break 1,000 miles for the year for the first time ever...

    Stay healthy and keep focused

    Dedicated and Determined

      I love music but will not run with it. I always run outside for one. But also because the rhythms mess up my cadence and my stride. I like to concentrate on surroundings and every last step and my form each step. If I day dream even I notice my form getting sloppy or changing sometimes. So no music ever for me. I have done audio books in the past but I was not serious about running then. But just words affected my cadence, strides and form much less.

      PRs // 5k : 17:44 // 7k: 27:21 // 8k: 31:33 //10k: 41:25 // 1/2 Marathon: 1:28:12 // Marathon: 3:08:49 


      April 2009 = started running for first time in life, Oct 2009 = 3:08 marathon

      2012 Goals:

      0. Lose weight, 2009 I was 152, Now 169...Goal is 14Xlbs

      1. Finish Pfitzinger 18 70 plan

      2. Toledo Marathon: Sub 3 hour

      3. Finish Pfitzinger 18 85 plan

      4. Columbus Marathon: sub 2:55 or better...