Kinvara 9 on sale (Read 89 times)

    kinvara 9 at saucony.com for $80 - 25% with rebate code EXTRA25 and another 10% off if you sign up for email. Also, free shipping.


      Thanks for the heads up! Knew they’d be on sale with the release of the 10. Time to stock up!


        I wasn't able to get the preferred color, but getting Kinvaras for close to $50 is a great deal! Placed my order on Monday!

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          Thanks! Snagged a sale hoodie, too.

            you like the kinvara 9?


            what's your impression?



            fast n light?


            race in them?

            daily training?

            long runs?



            300m- 37sec.

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              I picked up my first pair a couple of weeks ago and ran a few runs in them including a short race.

              They are really nice. WHat is surprising is how cushioned they are for suck a lightweight shoe.Also, I like the low drop, which usually allows me to run a fore-foot stride a bit more effectively.

              I try not to use them for a daily trainer just becuase i've heard a lot about how they wear out rather quickly.

              With the amount of cushioning they have, i would definitely feel comfortable up to a half marathon distance and probably even the marathon. And yes, they are responsive and not an overly stiff sole.

                I just received my Kinvara 9s (first pair) and didn't realize the model is virtually done. I loved the 6s, and 7s but not the 8s mainly because of lacing. Weird. I simply could never get a comfortable lacing. Either shoe felt loose or when lacing tighter it would dig into top of my foot. I couldn't shake it. I tried on 9s and they feel great.....will run in them the first time this evening.


                My general take on Kinvaras are very favorable. They are light enough to race in a half, full or even 5K. I like to go a hair lighter for 5Ks but would have no issue doing 5ks in these if I felt I needed more cushioning because of nicks or aches in feet.  The cushioning is very good for a lighter shoe. You won't get much in way of stability. For, a orthotics wearer, this is not a big deal. I love to mix the Kinvaras with my Brooks Ghosts throughout the week. I will generally do Ghosts in my longer runs and Kinvaras in shorter or speedier runs or on treadmill. I think it is good in general to have a shoe rotation. In this case, you get a higher heel to toe drop with Ghosts and certainly less with Kinvaras. I think it is good for injury preventions to vary stresses on foot, body by wearing different shoes.


                The Kinvaras wear down quicker for me as a heel striker. At 150 - 175  miles the carbon is gone on heel if outside pavement running. I milk out another 50-75 miles on treadmill thereafter.

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