So How Many Miles Do You Get From Your Shoes? (Read 2228 times)

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    My plan is to ditch my shoes around 300 mile mark no matter what... unless an outstanding shoe comes along and continues to impress me with its forefoot cushioing beyond that range. The award for the least amount of miles I've ever gotten out of a pair goes to my Mizuno Wave Inspire 4s. I don't know if they are defective or what, but right around 150 miles I noticed that the forefoot was down to the foam already and during today's run my arches were hurting. They have a whopping 206 miles on them as of this AM... and today will be the last time that I ever wear them. I think one of my problems is that I'm a solid mid-foot lander and today's shoes seem to be overwhelmed with heel technology. I lose forefoot cushioning very quickly; my heels usually look brand new!

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      I usually get at least 300 miles out of most shoes (sometimes less) and often get 400-500 miles, sometimes more.

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        I get every mile possible, it ranges from 800-1200miles/shoe. Generally I get new shoes when my toes start really sticking out. Smile
          I am finding that my shoes don't feel quite as good after 300 miles. At 300 miles I retire them to short distance shoes and get new shoes for longer distances. After retired to short distance (less then 5 miles in any given run) I still get over 200 miles out of them so I'll usually get up to 500 per pair..... After 500 miles they become yard work shoes ----- and eventually I wear them when I re-tar my driveway -- and thats about it....... I had a couple pairs of Asics and didn't seem to get as many miles (usually stopped wearing them totally at around 400 miles).. My New balance seem to go over 500 for me....

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            500 miles, but the last 200 miles I can tell that the shoes need replaced. Just too cheap I guess.

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              I go 450 - 500 in my Brooks Beasts. As they get older, I use them for shorter runs and get a new pair for long runs.
                I usually go through 3 pair a year so around 700-800 miles. I could probably keep them longer but after 4 months I want new shoes. Most of my miles are on the treadmill so I probably get more out of them then I would if I ran outside more.
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                  ...t I am curious how many miles you guys are getting? I looked at the equipment lists of a few of you but the miles are all over the map. I am hoping to get ~450 from my Asics Gel Kayanos...
                  Well, between Feb 15 2008 and the end of December, I put about 630 miles on one pair of my Gel Kayano 11s. and I've been running in them (along with other shoes) since summer 2005. So it depends on how you run (form), the surfaces you run on, etc. For me the weight per surface area of the sole is not too high, I run easy, in 2008 I ran with these mostly on park trails, I've extended the life of the shoes with gel insoles and gel heel cups... etc. I don't know the total mileage on these shoes since I only started the shoe log in Feb 2008... When the shoes started feeling like they had no more cushion, the gel insoles made them feel almost like new.


                    I tend to scuff the outside of my right heel when I run. By 200-250 miles, I've generally worn through that spot. The rest of the shoe looks great but once the sole is worn through, I start wearing into the softer layers. So for me, 300 is about all I ever get.

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                      400 to 450 miles is about it. The last 50 to 75 miles being used only for when the weather turns to crap. I feel bad when I use a new pair of shoes in the snow.
                        Thanks gang, I appreciate your input. I understand weight, stride, pronation, running surface, and probably many more things come into play here. The responses were about what I expected meaning widely varying. I am probably going to retire my shoes at no more than 350 miles but I might try the gel inserts although I already have to use inserts with more arch support (they seem to help my ankles a bit). I do rotate shoes between long runs and I think I will probably start limiting shoes to short runs under 6 miles or so after they reach 300 miles. When my Brooks Adrenalines were done it was like hitting a wall; no problems until one day I was on mile 7 of a 10 run and I started to have hip pains. I was never sure if the pains were due to worn shoes or if a low/tight hydration belt caused some bursitis. I am getting older (48 this summer) and bursitis is a concern at this point. Thanks again! Sam
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