My dogs are barking! (tendonitis maybe? (Read 266 times)

    I had zero foot pain while training for my first marathon. The day before the race I walked around lots in flat sandals with no cushion and started getting a pain in the ball of my right foot. After the race I now have pretty bad pain in the same spot and searing pain on the bottom of my left foot, not the ball  or arch but the middle. It gets much worse as the day progresses and gets to where I limp and walk on the arch of my foot. My obsessive Googling points to either Cuboid Syndrome or Peroneal Tendonitis. Anyone have any experience with this? Could it just be bruising? My form was pretty rotten tn the last 4 miles of the race. Unfortunately my sales rep job and 2 small kids doesn't really afford me the luxury of resting my feet. I raced in Brooks PureConnect and I did a 22 miler in them with no issues a month ago.

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