Chevron Houston Marathon (Read 597 times)

    Knowing Houston weather (lived there 20 years), even 70% chance of rain could mean cloudy and on and off rain.  Considering that the rain chance currently for Monday is 40% and colder, I'm thinking it's possible that the major rain won't arrive till afternoon.  Looks like a front coming through.  All will depend on when it arrives...the rainiest will be when the front first hits.  Your choices will probably be warm and humid or cool and wet.


    (Disclaimer...I'm not a met, but hey, my guesses are probably as good as theirs!)

    Your guess is probably better Smile

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      What's the best way to get to your hotel from Hobby if you don't have free shuttle service? Taxi?


        We are using Super Shuttle. It's $20 one way

        Houston Marathon 1-13-13

        Rock n Roll St. Pete Half 2-10-13

        Gasparilla 15K 2-23-13

        Armadillo 10K 3-9-13

        Ogden Marathon 5-18-13



        The Goal:  Boston Marathon 4-20-15

          Just got a post on my Facebook page asking for my Houston bib # and corral so they can watch me. ??? I'm not running it. I think some of my FB friends must assume that if there's a big marathon nearby, I must be running it; I probably run all of them.